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An Amazing Story about Alignment

Pillar of Light Presents – Jack Derby’s Story About a Lifetime of Synchronicity and Alignment.

Having unique views has us standing out in our field.


That’s a good thing, right?

But sometimes, we're viewed this way instead - thanks to just how little it is that people really know about our weird, leading edge quantum technology.

Even Albert Einstein had difficulty accepting quantum mechanics; calling it Spooky Science. But the truth is, quantum physics is the most successful theory in history.

Regardless of other peoples doubt, our task was to stay true to what we know. Now we remain focused and in alignment with our original purpose.

30 years ago, Jack Derby walked through a doorway into higher states of intuitive awareness, where he received guidance and information in order to bring forth new, empowering technologies. And the original purpose was born - Now, leading edge science finally confirms that our technology really works!

While most people use quantum based technologies every day, they know very little about it. So we must be educators too and share resources and insights into the weird world of quantum mechanic sciences, as we do with our amazing technology and how it can benefit your health.

One technology we present is the WoLF - Providing the most vital, quantum programmed and healthful, structured water available on the planet right now - Healthy quantum water, specially prepared with information programming, is here - NOW!

Need to relax and rejuvenate? We also offer a premier, electromagnetic bio-field tuning device that puts you back into balance with your body's own inner wisdom. And being back in the driver's seat is the perfect place to be for any healing that you desire.

Jack Derby – Founder – Pillar of Light Enterprises


The gift of alignment

Jack came into this world with an above average, conscious connection to a type of alignment with higher awareness. Born into an Iowa farm community, he was aware that he had an extra “sense” of things that helped him throughout his life. His awareness lifted him beyond most human drama that he witnessed play out around him. He experienced increased flow, ease and had an extra “problem solving” ability as his inner intuition flowed youthful and free. Early on, Jack simply rolled with the gift and did not inspect the deeper implications until well into his adult career.

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Jack Derby shares a story about spiritual alignment on our About Us page

Honing skills of alignment to higher awareness

Jack’s talents were put to good use with a major airline as a mechanic for aircraft and ground support equipment for many years. He developed a reputation of being able to fix anything and earned himself the nickname “Mr. Fix It.”  And he did. The airlines called upon him for emergency services whenever regular techs and mechanics could not figure out the problems. Late night phone calls and flights to other airports to fix their aircraft and flight gear were common occurrences in his world. By this time, he had honed his “tuning in” or alignment skills quite nicely.

Alignment to higher awareness guidance building into purpose

Next, began a period of heightened guidance that sprang forth from his higher awareness. Guidance was also presented through Saint Germain which, in turn, led him to other sources of support.
He was to begin with Quartz Crystal research and inquiry. And then he moved on into Schumann Resonance and electromagnetic bio-field experimentation and energy entrainment. Jack began “receiving” downloads of technological information from the realms of higher consciousness that his everyday mind had no way of knowing on its own. He did experience some resistance to this process as his “common sense” mind wanted to object on occasion to what was happening. When guided to set up his experiments in a certain way, he would think, “Why would I do that? That can’t possibly work!” In those moments, higher guidance told him, in loving ways, to trust and “shut up and just do it.” And so he did and his project would work. His “fix it” and tinkering skills were put to their best use as he began making technology that sprang forth from the knowledge and guidance he received.

Especially 30 years ago, the results of his early devices were stunning and years ahead of their time as they remain so even today. Jack’s devices have evolved and they now have a surprising coherence and alignment with today’s leading edge sciences in several fields of inquiry. Electromagnetic field research and biological impact, epigenetic and information field influence, crystal sciences, Tesla energy, water memory and energy systems, water structuring, Schumann Resonance tuning frequencies, Homeopathic water programming, Colloids and mineral influence on water, quantum mechanic processes and much more. 

The art of allowing alignment with inner purpose

So what happened? How did Jack Derby; a farm boy, a handyman and Mr. Fix It, derive technological answers that only now, leading edge scientific research is beginning to prove and explain? Jack would say that HE himself did not know how to do it.  Rather, the higher awareness within him was the force that brought forth the information. All he had to do was DO IT! So Jack’s early experience with generating his technology was less about outer research and more about the inner one. While others were busy trying to figure things out and prove how certain things might work, Jack was already busy making finished product for the good of humanity. He trusted and flowed with the inner guidance and it paid off.

But there was indeed something else he had to do. He had to be willing, flexible and allow the experience to align his personal attentions with those of inner guidance. His life’s purpose, at least in part, was born in those beginning days as he moved into resonance with his inner spirit. And that leads us to where Pillar of Light is right now. We are guided by an inner purpose that, in some ways, is always larger than what we can see this very moment. There is a plan to bring forth these technologies for the good of humanity.

Alignment with higher awareness in the early years turns out to be the same alignment between Pillar of Light products and today’s global scientific proof.

Later on, we at Pillar of Light began closely following and studying the global community of scientific advancement in all the related areas of inquiry. In short order, we were simply stunned with how much alignment Jack’s products had with the global research on how Water Structuring works best and how EM energy can be beneficial or harmful to our health. And the evidence and proof of value that Schumann Resonance frequency held as influence on our biology also highly aligned with Jack’s original assertions and design factors. Daily, we experience the research still catching up with Jack’s designs and ideas. Finally, we’re feeling some very real relief as the proofs role in one by one, thus backing up what we’ve designed starting 30 years ago. As a smaller company, we have lacked the financial resources for very expensive and extensive testing to prove both concept and design. With gratitude, we no longer have to reinvent the wheel. People are finally becoming aware that our quantum mechanics based technologies actually do work!

Of course, we knew that all along. But it sure is nice to finally be moving along with the grain rather than against it.



A story about what can happen when people
MOVE OUT of alignment with higher awareness – 

THE FOLLOWING IS A STORY WITHOUT A HAPPY ENDING – Many years ago, we were approached by a mother of a young teenage boy afflicted with cancer. She had vaguely heard about our electromagnetic balancing and tuning device that Pillar of Light makes; the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Her doctors had told her that the boys diagnosis looked grim indeed. They also said that nothing further could be done for him and to simply take him home and prepare him for the inevitable. (Nocebo Effect – authority figure tells family the worst news and they believe it) He was bedridden at that time. Feeling desperate for something that might help beyond the scope of traditional western medicine, the mother asked us if the VRCR could help her boy. Jack said that he did not know. But he also shared that the VRCR was a tuning device that assists the body to move back into normal alignment in order to access its own, innate healing wisdom.  So while the VRCR DOES NOT perform any healing on its own, it helps balance the body’s EM fields back into states where the body can do its own healing.  It is a stress reduction technology.

Stress is now known to be the singular
most common cause of illness and disease.  

It has also more recently been discovered that our bodies have several, “built in” mechanisms to reverse cancer and that the body REALLY CAN heal itself from cancer; given the freedom from stress to do so.

Now back to the Pillar of Light story about alignment …

Being very eager to help the woman out, Jack and his partner immediately began giving VRCR sessions to the teenage boy.  Within a couple of months, the boy was feeling much better and was able to walk again and even go out to dinner with friends and have a good time. The mom was grateful for this surprising turn around indeed.

At that point, her doctors came forth with a proposition to put her son on a new, experimental drug that showed some promise and might help him.  So, completely turning away from our alternative assistance, she went ahead and put her son into the experimental drug program.

In 2 weeks, he was dead.

What’s to be learned from this story?

Pillar of Light claims no proof in the traditional medical sense that the VRCR was reducing the boys stress so his body could do its own healing. We must claim that not to inflame the constricted egos and special interests of powers that be.

But when all was said and done, it certainly appeared to be that, during the time of VRCR sessions, the boys health was quickly improving. We saw and heard no evidence otherwise. (And no, it was not a “last ditch” effort for the biology to perk up and appear better just prior to death as can often be witnessed.) We would add that we were not privy to his doctor’s medical files to know more in that regard.

But the point of telling this story is not to talk about our instrument but rather, how it was that the mother turned away from what appeared to be working. Instead, she chose to believe that traditional medicine was more likely to help her boy; even with an unproven and experimental drug program. She was not listening to her inner guidance but rather, through fear, she abdicated her own knowing to that of the doctors.

Jack’s partner sang at the boy’s funeral. In our mind’s, common sense is a type of alignment with your heart, spirit and higher awareness. She had seen her boy improve just as we did. So why did she not at least continue the boy’s VRCR sessions with us while he also received experimental drug treatment? Probably because the doctors talked her out of it; saying not to do anything else that might jeopardize their results. She chose the all too common myopic view that only the doctor knows best; certainly not the patient.

Fortunately now, more and more people are answering the need to take charge of their own health care while our western health care institutions, drug companies and insurance companies lose their way in the darkness of corporate greed.

Alignment was lost

While we believe that everyone is always doing their very best in the moment, it is clear to us that there was a loss of alignment with higher awareness and staying in a supportive version of universal flow. Had the mom stayed in faith in the visible improvement of her son’s health instead of defaulting to the programming that only doctors know best, its possible that her son could be alive today.

Our final point –

While having alignment in higher awareness might seem trivial to some folks, it certainly can have serious outcomes when ignoring it.  Now, some would call our methods “fringe science.” Despite that, having this alignment with higher consciousness, has kept Pillar of Light in business and moving forward; even while many, if not most around us, faltered and lost their way in today’s onslaught of overzealous skepticism and doubt. And that is why we are ever so grateful that main stream science is finally catching up to prove what we already knew was working.

Fortunately for us, our customers and resilient, fellow leading edge researchers, entrepreneurs and inventors keep believing and charting new paths for others to follow.

Pillar of Light Enterprises was founded in 1974 by Jack Derby as an umbrella business covering all of his physical and metaphysical research. By 1986, the spiritual hierarchy had guided him far enough along to introduce the first predecessor of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator. Since then, Pillar of Light has expanded to a full line of Holistic Health Care Products for your personal Radiant Health that also benefit all of humanity and our global home, Gaia.

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