Crystal Healing Wisdom

We’d love to share a more holistic view of crystal healing wisdom with you! This is to further emphasize the power of crystals and their relevance to our Violet Ray Machine, the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator and the WoLF – our quantum water structuring machine. The healing nature of our ancient crystal wisdom combined with modern technology is at first glance, all too easy to dismiss as foo foo science. So here and in our research pages, we give you some real science on crystals. But some of us have known intuitively that having and applying crystal healing wisdom is a real and powerful tool for our holistic health and wellness. Below, we highlight several categories or aspects of crystal healing wisdom to hold as you consider what type of crystal technology is right for you.

Crystals in the Body and Water

Water crystal
Protein Crystals
Water Crystal

Crystals in the body and water.

This Is What Liquid Crystal DNA Looks Like


VRCR Crystal Radionics

VRCR Crystal Healing Radionics
Quantum Information Medicine
VRCR Earth Crystal Light Grid Connection
VRCR Information Field Processing
VRCR Crystal Wand Energy Entrainment
Violet Ray Energy Crystal Healing Wisdom

Crystals in the body and water.


Crystal Healing Wisdom of Earth

Crystal Cluster
Quartz Crystal Healing Wisdom
Amethyst Crystal Healing Wisdom
Crystal Healing Wisdom
Light Crystal Healing Wisdom
Data Crystal Depiction

Crystal Healing Wisdom of Earth


Crystals in Science

RNA Crystal Science
Crystal Data Storage Science
Ferroelectric Crystal Science
Living Crystalline Earth Code Information Field Memory
Water Octamer Science
Piezoelectric Crystal Tube Transducers

Crystals in Science

What Is A Crystal?

In this video, crystals are explained from a new perspective.

We Are Living In A Simulation – New Evidence!

“Groundbreaking documentary from the team at ‘Quantum Gravity Research’ about the true nature of reality. This is cutting edge science that may one day change the way we view our reality forever.”

Behold The Future…Optical Data Storage: Scientists squeeze 360TB onto a Quartz Disc—Forever.