Electromagnetic Pollution

Increasingly, our daily environment is literally filled with potentially dangerous electromagnetic pollution.

Old data stated that there was no effect from High Tension Lines but that data was skewed & incorrect. They were required to study it again & it was shown that there IS an effect especially on the hormone “Estrogen” & that’s important because it is involved with cell proliferation and cancer.

It has now been revealed that Stress is the primary mechanism that opens your body up to the effects of & changing of its function by exposure to electromagnetic fields.  Bruce Lipton, PhD from his DVD “The New Biology. Where Mind & Matter Meet.”

We are constantly exposed to a myriad of potentially harmful, energetic vibrations in our environment. Alternating current (AC), radio, TV, microwave, cell phones, computers, monitors, etc. tend to pull us out of resonance with natural Earth frequencies. This “de-tunes” our Chakra system’s abilities to perform their natural roles as energy transformers and suppliers for our whole being. The quality of our food, air & water may introduce toxins to our body thus further de-tuning & de-energizing our Chakra system. We pull ourselves out of natural harmony by creating un-supportive physical, mental, emotional processes, patterns and actions. If you have seen the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know,” then you may be aware of just how powerfully our thoughts & emotions can affect our bodies. Need more evidence? Then read these absolutely “Stunning” findings revealed here.

By using the VRCR with the Crystal Wand & the Violet Flame Bulb, we can perform a complete Chakra Balancing of a 16 center Chakra System to their intended resonance. The truth is, that we only use chakras, because people are familiar with it as an eastern term, but in reality, they are GOD Centers. Our scientists recognize them as ganglionic centers, where masses of nerve endings come to the skin surface. We also call them Power Centers. We use the word “Balancing”, but in reality the VRCR “Tunes” the Chakras . When each Chakra is tuned to its own unique frequency setting, GOD Energy is transfered up and down our chakra system.

Our immediate environment can be shielded against further harmful polluting energies by using the VRCR with the Pyramid Antenna operating in Transmission Mode.

PEMF vs. EMF – article

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

The goal of a PEMF therapy system is to produce a magnetic field that will, not only be supportive to the body’s natural functions, but use a wavelength that will completely penetrate the body. – DrPawluk

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