WoLF – How It Works Overview

Over 308 Vectors of Influence are involved in How The WoLF Works

Dual Vortex or Twin Vortex Quantum WoLF Water Structuring System
Triad Receiver Assembly is also important to how the WoLF works
Yellow LED of Triad Receiver Assembly is important to how the WoLF works
Earth Starr 6 LED's inject Light homeopathics information important to how the WoLF works

Energy and Information Field Vectors
of Influence upon Water Structure –
Found in Nature and in the Laboratory

The following modalities are proven to coherently structure water in a life affirming manner, thus producing the highest states of healthy water.
And almost all are included in how the WoLF works.

  • Natural Flow Patterns – Creates coherent water system energy
  • Light Treatments –  Direct and homeopathic information embedding
  • Colloids (epitaxy) – Silver Colloid supercharge and mineral structuring
  • Implosive Dual Vortex and Torsional Energy – Vectors of change on many levels
  • Nature Performs Endless State Changes –  Purifies water and erases water memory
  • Coherent and Sacred Process – Sacred form and energy attracting positive field information
  • Quartz Crystal Piezoelectric Effect –  Charge and programming as crystal itself has memory
  • Electromagnetism – Bio-Compatible –  Earth frequency resets water memory and energizes
  • Holistic View of Global Water Structuring –  Creates a balance of all energy and information
  • State Changes – Water is now known to have at least 4 states plus Quantum behavior as well
  • Transmission of Biological Life Energy –  Life sends signals and energy that can influence water
  • Human Intent and Emotion –  Strongest effect upon water structure but hardest to understand
  • Information Field –  Entanglement, superposition, action at a distance – Quantum programming



To mimic all of these water structuring processes of nature, the WoLF or Water of Life Fountain, performs the following steps:

How the WoLF Works

Dual Implosive Vortex – Counter Spins – Phi Ratio Geometry – infinity Entanglement – Open Air System – Balanced Energy – Numerous Levels of Structuring Vectors:

  • Physical Energy –  Implosive vortex energy and information
  • Quantum Action –  Subtle energy and vital information developed
  • Water Memory Reset –  Memory reset and reprogram happens together
  • Water Energy Charge –  Virtual water column is a coil cutting Earth’s magnetic fields
  • Sacred Geometry Design –  Balancing, connecting and developing coherent entanglement
Full Implosion Vortex – Open Air –  Water is injected into the vortex and gravity fed in a downward spiral with a progressively smaller vortex air shaft center. It also must be in a non pressurized and open air system where the water drains out the bottom. Atmospheric gases exchange at the water’s surface in the vortexes center air chamber while energy also balances through it.
(ex: Chlorine and other gases can escape.)  The water MUST drain out the bottom to setup a complete and highly coherent energetic flow of a natural vortex.
NOTE – Water structuring technologies that simply swirl water though pressurized pipes have some real drawbacks; one of which is that the pressure in the system reduces the effectiveness of the structuring process. Plus, the total sum of their vectors of change is but a handful.  They don’t compare to over 308 vectors of change that are involved in how the WoLF works.

Tap water input to the WoLF – first encounters an optional carbon filter which serves to protect the dual vortex system from particle contamination. The WoLF is self cleaning so water mineral deposits are extremely rare.  The water then continues through a pressure regulating valve system. It is then directed to the Vortex Tubes into which the water is injected at the periphery in a tangential motion facilitating the formation of a stable, Phi Ratio geometry vortex. Looking from the top down, the left vortex spins counter clockwise and has a expanding masculine energy.  The right vortex spins clockwise and has an contracting feminine energy.  From the top down, the entangled energy flow resembles an infinity sign as the vortices are also laid out in a Phi Ratio relationship.  At the bottom of each vortex, the water explodes out and into the Impulser Assembly.

Violet Ray Impulser Assembly – Electromagnetic Stimulus and Activation

With the Violet Ray Impulser, the 732 trillion Hz. frequency (Violet Ray frequency) is introduced to the water system.  In a regard, this is the Heart of the WoLF – where the water is being structurally changed by the introduction of Earth resonant frequencies generated by an advanced and modified proprietary Tesla Coil Technology creating EM and etheric electromagnetic resonance.

The Violet Ray frequency Is vital to how the WoLF works – It is working in subtle energy and informational realms that draw upon quantum mechanic attributes which program water in highly effective but little understood ways.  It’s actually working with universal or source consciousness as the guiding principles of all form.  But quantum scientist don’t like to say such things.  They simply call it “the field” or the “Information Field.”

3 Schumann Resonance, frequency adjusted waves, produced by the modified Tesla Coils, provide the natural and evolutionary Electro Magnetic (EM) waves of our Earth home that all of its life is attuned with.  Each pulsed DC (direct current) frequency serves as a carrier wave for the much higher “Violet Ray Frequency.”
  1. Left side Violet Ray Impulser    –  Delivers a 297.97Hz (Note D) –   Sun frequency
  2. Right side Violet Ray Impulser –  Delivers a 198.87Hz (note G) – Moon frequency
  3. Final charge screen                   –  Delvers a 250.56Hz (Note B)  – Earth frequency

Quartz Crystal Piezoelectric Effect – and Homeopathic Silver Colloid generation assisting water structure.

The vortex and impulse treated water then continues on its way and flows over special Custom Designed Crystals wrapped in nearly pure silver wire coils.  The High Volts charge stimulates the piezoelectric ability of the crystals while the silver coils send and receive subtle signals to the crystal/water interface and a crystalline water programming ensues. This crystal technology borrowed from our Violet Ray Crystal Resonator device, is also critical to how the WoLF works. The holism of over 308 vectors of change emulate nature’s strength in diversity. This charged effect also embeds nano sized silver into the water cluster structures creating a homeopathic silver colloid and further increasing the coherence of the water structure.

Triad Antenna – and High Intensity, Vortex Tunneling, Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s)

  • The silver wire coils are electrically connected to Triad “Etheric Information Field and Energy” Receiver Antennae installed at the top of the vortex tubes. These Triad Antennae incorporate Amethyst Crystals, Germanium Diode Receiver Arrays, an ancient, sacred, Gold Plated Information Field Attraction Design and high intensity Light Emitting Diodes.  These Triad Assemblies charge the water with subtle field information and energy.  They are also part of a Feedback Loop that regulates the entire system.
  • The High Intensity Vortex Tunneling Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) are colored RED for the left vortex and YELLOW for the right vortex.  The RED LED includes Infra-red light that can easily be felt as heat if you put your hand in front of it.  Infra-red light is known to stimulate the production of what has now become known as the 4th state of water called “Exclusion Zone water” or EZ water.  EZ water is beneficial and developed within all biological systems and represents yet another behavior that water takes on based upon the energy and information that is put into it.

Earth Starr with Gold Plated Sacred Geometry Form and Homeopathic LED’s

As the water flows around the charged crystal, it is also exposed to an array of light frequencies from 6 LED’s mounted on a gold plated “Earth Starr” Integrated Circuit Board.  Each element emits a signature light color.  That same light color can directly represent the element.  Projecting light color into water can homeopathically charge and program the water with qualities of those elements.

  • 6 LED’s –  Five of the six colored LED’s represent the most dominant elements found in the human body & add those vibrations to the water.  BLUE – Oxygen, RED – Hydrogen, YELLOW – Carbon, ORANGE – Calcium, GREEN – Nitrogen.  And finally, the VIOLET LED represents Christ Consciousness.
  • Earth Starr – The gold plated Earth Starr has 5 points with two concentric circles around it that concentrate the star geometry.


Finalizing Processes –

  • Combining Tube – Once past the crystal  and the LED’s, the water enters the Combining Tube; affectionately called the “Sea of Tranquility.”  This is the horizontal tube across the bottom of the WoLF in which the water is stabilized; allowing it to “digest” the prescribed treatments.
  • Heavy Particle Trap – This Gold Plated contraption attracts metals like Mercury to it because of an electrical charge process.  It’s a last chance to drain off any remaining contaminants before the output.
  • Final Charge Screen – Just before the output, a gold electrode adds the 250.56Hz (Note B, Earth & Heart Chakra Frequency), which finishes the process. Notes D, G & B are a G Major Chord.  This also helps to lock in the water programming.
  • 5 month water memory – has been demonstrated by Emulsion Lifetime testing  Click Here for more.
  • The WoLF, a Twin Vortex Living Water Technology – is equipped with a fitting that accepts a regular garden hose for the water supply input. The outputs of the Heavy Particle Trap Drain & the Vortex Tube Top Skimmers, leave the machine via hoses which can easily go to a drain.  And the main Structured Water Output of the WoLF has a gravity feed hose to a sink basin or a tank below which you provide.  (For Counter Top Model)  Whole Home Installations require customization.


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Right Vortex of Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device
Triad Assemblies of the Twin Vortex System layed out in Golden Mean proportion creates infinity shape of energy flow between them
Looking down vortex of Quantum WoLF Water Structuring device shows actuall colors in how the wolf works
Schumann Resonance Frequencies Chart. Musical Notes are at Cosmic Pitch Tuning
Golden Mean Ratio depicts Dual Vortex Measurement Relationships of the Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device
Shows Injector Assembly, Silver Wrapped Crystal and 6LED Earth Starr Assembly of the Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device
Electronics Control Box for the Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device
Triad Anetnna Shape in Rainbow Coloring for the Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device
Combining Tube of a Twin Vortex Living Water device making Quantum WoLF Water Structuring

Drinking and cooking with the WoLF structured water supports your whole being to be in balance with natural energy and have more vital life force.

Sacred Geometry and Phi Golden Ratio


3:44 min. video –  Very nice.