Information Medicine

“Information that can correct other disturbed information in a biological system and bring it back into balance is called Information Medicine. Information medicine is a coherent, governing code and intelligence; both in and out of the body. It operates through the Information Field described by quantum mechanics and is known to defy space/time constraints.”
– Pillar of Light


Information Medicine by Quantum WoLF Water Structuring making coherent water memory
Information Medicine is Code Correction by Quantum WoLF Water or Violet Ray Energy Healing

Information Medicine Science Articles

The results of the present study agreed with others suggesting that signals could be transferred to target cells or aqueous systems by an oscillator … demonstrating the same biological activity, thus mimicking the biological function of the original chemical active molecule.


Moreover, we demonstrated that it is possible to transfer drug information to water molecules following the same protocol of transference “substance- to substance” and using the same BRT device …


In conclusion, our in vitro study suggests that water samples that are electronically transferred with vibration sustained information of vancomycin are capable of inhibiting growth of axenically cultured methicillin resistant S. aureus.


… we may deduce the biological effects of informational quanta alone are demonstrable, and experimentally repeatable.


Experimental evidence has accumulated which implies that the effects of drugs may be instantiated by electromagnetic means into living systems as a function of quantum informational processes affecting aqueous systems utilizing ordered water coherence domains. Detailed experimental and theoretic pursuit of these topics should be advanced in order to curtail the prohibitive cost and toxicity of many current medical treatments. The presence of pharmacological effects derived solely from information associated with an active compound has now been demonstrated repeatedly. The time has come to look deeply and closely into developing these potentially safe and efficacious modes of treatment. Quantum Information Medicine may prove itself effective against a diverse plethora of human pathologies. The intersection between quantum physics and biology, in our view, holds great promise [51] and may represent the future of medical practice itself. Detailed investigation and experiments must be closely conducted to ascertain the potentials and limits of this new approach.

Quantum Information Medicine:
Bit as It―The Future Direction of Medical Science: Antimicrobial and Other Potential Nontoxic Treatments