What Is Radionics

If you do a web search on the word “radionics,” you will be amazed to see just how much information about it is out there.  And people tend to get very creative about the stories they present.  Even though its a very broad term and covers many things, we break it down for you.

Radionics in a nut shell –

Radionics is a device, a procedure, activity, ritual or even just a thought, that provides a simple focal point for the mind to help it become less busy or fractured, less distracted and quieter.  Thus, the busy mind can move more into the background while self-awareness, higher consciousness and presence can move into the foreground.  It is a way of suspending belief or using belief to go beyond itself; much like the “placebo effect.” So radionics is about focusing. – Allen Smith, Author – Journey to Source

Also …

Radionics is generally considered to have a “passive” influence on physical reality; though you will feel the change in your inner states.  “Passive” also refers to a quality about the “Information Field” of quantum mechanics.  To understand more about HOW radionic activities and radionic devices DO influence physical reality, click on INFORMATION FIELD.

It is generally accepted that information from the subconscious realms can be accessed using radionics. This information can be used for personal healing, awareness or for more inner peace. Or, it can be used for other individuals, groups, collective consciousness or global mind connection. Often, radionics is used to elicit or amplify intentions of invocation prayer. It has no limits but those we impose ourselves.

Prayer beads are radionics.  A rabbit’s foot is radionics.  A shaman’s drum or chant, a church song, or physical activity like running can be a radionic activity.  A technique such as the Violet Flame meditation, crystals, statues, watching a sunset or staring into a camp fire, are all radionic activities. Literally anything could be used as radionics.  If the intent and will are there to cause one to engage in “radionic activity,” the mind will become “quieter,” – thus allowing our inner presence to move foreword.


Examples of Radionics Activities

Candle Gazing

Reiki Symbol Focus

Crystal Meditation

Shamanic Drumming

As you read the following article, keep in mind that recent findings reported by the likes of Bruce Lipton Ph.D., fully support our statements that Energy Healing, Radionic Prayer, Thought Entanglement, Energetic “Oneness”, and even our Spiritual Nature itself, is REAL.  His material is a Scientific Bridge between the world of objective science and the subjective world of consciousness and spirituality.


What our Holistic Radionics Machine can do for you

Our radionics machine can assist you in many ways both tangible & seemingly intangible. Before we can honor this subject with more practical detail however, we need to discuss the relative nature of Radionics & Reality.  We will EXPOSE the MAJOR difference between most radionics machines, devices, or methods out there in the world & ours; The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR).


Relative Nature of Radionics

An example of “objective” reality or belief.

If you want to get to the top floor of a very tall building, you would most likely use the elevator.  Seeing how very few of us have actually learned to fly or levitate yet, it seems a reasonable thing to take the elevator.  The elevator is a physical resource that works with known physics. No one doubts that.  It is assumed by the observing or experiencing mind that the truth of the experience is an independent object or action that takes place “out there.”  The mind believes that the “object” observed has its own, separate reality from the “self” that does the observing.

People do doubt the unseen world of metaphysics and truth verification does not go beyond the individual experience. Good luck trying to convince anyone outside of your own body of anything in subjective realms just by talking about it.

  • What is our “normal” perception of physical or objective reality?  It is the mind or the ego and what it thinks it can understand or what it thinks it knows.
  • What is the subjective realm?  It is reality or awareness beyond mind. It is more an experience of being or presence, rather than something the mind can sink its teeth into.
  • What is between these views of reality?  There is a varying mixture of both views, containing at least some observed truth, prone to much misinterpretation & confusion.

Ego mind operates in every realm but the “Now” moment & so knows little of being present or presence. An ego mind creates much suffering in resistance to what is, since most often it cannot even accept the present moment conditions. It is stuck in what it thinks is the Objective world of form. A person who views reality from this model believes that the ego mind is who they are and it is in charge, thus creating suffering every time conditions appear that threaten this viewpoint.  Ego mind sees little of “true reality” and operates in relative unconsciousness. However, a mind properly trained for “right thinking” is necessary for the human being to operate within the physical paradigm in a joyful manner.

For an amazing treatise of ego mind, presence, suffering, etc., follow our links to “Eckhart Tolle” & “The Power of Now.”
Eckhart Tolle, in our opinion, has created a Premier work that should be a foundational study program for any person wanting to experience more holistic healing in their life.

Presence, being in the now, moves our self-awareness or consciousness to the forefront beyond the limited perspective of mind and presents a more expanded intelligence than the normal person allows on a daily basis.  Presence or awareness has less need for the mind and has experiences that the mind has little comprehension of let alone would be able to talk about and objectify.
Self-awareness is primarily subjective.
A person who steps into balance with both a “right thinking” mind and self-awareness or presence, lives as a Holistic being. They are living consciously, “on purpose” and becoming an aware co-creator with all that is, including the physical realm.


What can Pillar of Light Radionics Machines & our Structured Water Machine do for you
that you do not have the “ultimate potential” for doing yourself?

Science has now shown us that the glorious answer to that question is NOTHING!

However, consider this:
Do you know of just one man or woman “personally” that has realized their “potential” & could not use some assistance in going even further with their personal growth, awareness, holistic healing, etc.?

Here at Pillar of Light, we know that today’s “enhanced living” and spiritual communities are taking more responsibility for their lives and attitudes. That is a very good thing.  As the community’s collective consciousness rises up, it is natural to be a little impatient and desire to take on more than what has actually been mastered. The caution here is to stay grounded in the physical, even as you remember your true nature in more subjective realms that has long been disregarded.

There is much power & assistance available in the “here and now” of physical reality that can assist you in having a more complete & balanced life.

There are many people on this planet right this very moment who are “out in front” and leading the way into a new alchemy of being or expanded portals of presence and peace on earth. Yet undeniably, there is always more “potential” in everyone to be recognized and put into action as responsibility or “ability to respond.”
Radionics Machines

Now let’s take a look at today’s market of radionics machines. In your web search, you will no doubt run across many devices that at first, appear to have some physical structure to them that lets the mind say, “This machine actually does something. It has a physical shape and size. It appears to be a box with a switch, an L.E.D. lamp, a chamber for inserting objects, something inside – maybe some electronics, a plate you can put something on or rub with your finger.” In many cases, the machine, object or device has no functional purpose other than to help you believe that it does. It may be nothing more than a Placebo. Just as a catholic might use a Rosary bead to focus on prayer, so too do some folk use an electronics box, (having little or no functional components inside), to help them focus on their particular intent.  They may rotate a knob on a front panel until their finger feels somehow “different” while rubbing a “stick” plate.  Meanwhile, the knob is connected to nothing of measurable or known significance.  Some machines offer more substance to them claiming to have physical properties that will be beneficial.  They may be little more than Rosary Beads or a rabbit’s foot, but a lot more expensive.

Now let us EXPOSE what IS different about Pillar of Light’s Holistic Health Care Radionics Machine.

Presence, awareness, consciousness are all words pointing to a way or state of “BEING.” Eckhart Tolle calls them “sign posts” pointing to truth. When we are present in our life we “show up” for it. It is a state beyond expectations, future worry & past regrets. It is being here now; not lost in mental constructs or emotional patterns that eat up your personal conscious focus, time, thought and energy. If you apply “presence” to a physical state, it would mean something that exists solidly in the physical plane & follows physical laws in their truth, not just what we think we know about them.
So to be physically present, means that we “show up” physically in a particular circumstance, time or space.

What is different about our Radionics Machine (VRCR) is that it physically “shows up” more than most.

In other words, it has more “substance” to the story of how it works
& the physical truths that it uses and works with are more present, real & concise.

Prayer beads may “work” for some people but what they “present” or their “presence” is not soundly connected with physical laws that can effect change in a persons energy field, vibration, or state of consciousness.
Prayer beads effect is almost entirely subjective.
Beads are not a “Balanced” radionics device operating powerfully in both Objective and Subjective realms.

The VRCR is operating in a balanced mode both objectively and subjectively.

It works using real earth energies that actually do something and can be measured to effect our own vibrations, state of being & environment. It works with crystal energy, the least of which is Piezo-electric energy, High voltage advanced theory Tesla Coil energy, magnetics, light, In-Tune harmonic & octave frequencies of the resonant earth ionosphere pulse, & so on. It physically DOES something. It also subjectively DOES something. It puts out and receives “other” energies that are based in physical nature, even though we just don’t know how to measure accurately or interpret them but are beginning to. For now, they get classified as subtle or subjective energy.
It works with subtle radiant crystal programming that both projects and receives
ambient cosmic or etheric energy.
It ties into & is connected with a crystal light grid that supports higher consciousness for the planet.

Our Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is a Balanced Radionics Machine operating subtly and powerfully in both Objective and Subjective realms. Why is this important?

The physical realm is a reflection of all other realms of existence. “As Above, So Below” applies here.
Of course we never see the entire truth of physical reality nor do we interpret it very accurately.

It is not a balanced perspective to diminish the power, presence & true magic
of our physical reality & nature.

Many philosophers dive headlong into the subjective world of spirit and consciousness, forgetting to be present here physically. I’ve met many of these folk & they often feel like they don’t fit into this realm or they have found little to love about their Earth home. They may be more concerned with leaving & never coming back than having the true love of Being Here Now & opening to their true essence, which is both spirit and physical. We all may feel that way from time to time.
One “ultimate” human goal talked about by the masters that have gone before us,
is to be “In this world but not of it.”
That means, we assume responsibility (ability to respond to this world)
but are not controlled by this physical reality.
In other words, we choose to be present here & now.
We do not however base our idea of who we are in the mind or ego mind, but we base it on our presence.
We base our “self” on the universal whole of awareness for a greatly expanded view of
intelligence, love, passion & compassion for all of life.
We don’t “have” a life. Life is what we are.

So the way to be life well lived is to be in balance with our true nature, which is both objective and subjective.

This is true for a radionics device as well.

That my friend, is how Pillar of Light’s Holistic Health Care Radionics Machine, the “Violet Ray Crystal Resonator” is different than most.

A great deal of heart, awareness, physical time, ingenuity, & love goes into making each machine to be used by those who could benefit from it, until such a time as they can perform its functions for themselves. It is not dissimilar from a Samurai sword that is painstakingly hardened & forged with uncommon love & attention from its maker. That is presence. That is integrity. For instance, each case of each resonator is painted inside with a quartz crystal dust coating effectively making the case a box crystal. This is for keeping the subtle energies within, free from the possibly polluting subtle energies & intentions from without. You could say that all of humanities efforts to date have gone into the making of what is available to us now. The raw materials, the knowledge, the refined electronics, mother natures crystals;
It is all here for us now as the power of Radionic energy.
Every aspect of the resonator has a function, whether it originated from “inspired” gifted intelligence information,
or daily improvements made in our shop.

We now make these Radionics Machines available to you with best intentions, love and sincerity.  Follow your heart to know what is best for your Holistic Health.

Enjoy our web site. There is much to discover.

Have you seen the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

Here at Pillar of Light Enterprises, we have much gratitude for the movie and all who contributed to its introduction to the collective consciousness of our country & world.
It is a great beginning to many amazing things yet to come.

“What The Bleep Do We Know” presented a very compelling yet understandable & fun model of how what we think, say & feel, directly affects and creates our physical reality. If you have not yet seen it, we highly recommend that you do. You will then have a foundation for understanding, in greater detail, how our Holistic Healing devices can help increase your self awareness & inner peace through enhanced meditation technique, focused invocation prayer, chakra balancing & more.

Jack Derby now shares his discoveries working with his radionics machine, (the VRCR) & how its energies assist us to co-create holistically in both the physical & metaphysical worlds.

Do you want to live more “In the Flow” & “On-Purpose” as a co-creator?
If so, then you will want to follow the links to more info on Jack’s
Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) & The Violet Ray Tuner.