WoLF Commercial Model

The WoLF Commercial Model provides the world’s best water structuring for your industry. Whether you’re providing services or products, using our Quantum WoLF water structuring device shows your customers that you care about their experience and health needs. Way to go. And that’s good for your business too.


Quantum WoLF Water Structuring for WoLF Commercial Model
WoLF Commercial Model showing Twin Vortex Living Water Technology for Healthy Water
WoLF or Water of Life Fountain branding image for WoLf Commercial unit and all others too

Bottling Water or Creating a Water Based Product?

Most water bottlers and treatment plants have stripped water of its minerals, softness and ph balance by distillation, desalination, reverse osmosis and chemical treatment processing.

Water bottlers should become familiar with the need to create not only chemically clean water, but informationally clean water as well.  Since its now known that water holds memory of whatever it comes into contact with and our bodies DO react to this stored water memory, its becoming glaringly obvious that proper water treatment needs to go to the next level.

Chemical filtering is not enough!

Erasing old, potentially polluted water memory and installing in its place coherent, life supportive water memory coding with vital energetics, is needed to recreate truly healthy water.

Quantum WoLF Water Structuring –
is the healthy water restoration process of the future –
available NOW

Of course, we need to provide healthy water that also tastes good to consumers. The WoLF Commercial Model has got that covered too.

Improvements to taste, water softness, ph balance and now, informational memory purity and energetics, are just 5 of the many, consistent benefits to water quality that the WoLF Commercial Model offers, WITHOUT using chemicals or additives of any sort.

Aesthetic improvements to water are becoming more important; particularly in high end specialty markets. Consumers are becoming educated in their search for healthier alternatives. The terms “structured water” or “water structuring” are becoming known among a fast growing segment of the population.

Your next new customer is looking for the highest quality in water.

And Pillar of Light is here to help you provide it.

Your customers will taste and feel the difference!


Injector, Silver Wrapped Crystal and 6LED Earth Starr assemblies of the WoLF Commercial Water Structuring Machine


Right Vortex Tube of WoLF Commercial Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device

Ease of Use

Triad Receiver and High Intensity LED assemblies atop Left Vortex of WoLF Commercial Unit

Easy Repair

Looking down vortex of WoLF Commercial Water Structuring device showing Light programming from below

High Output

Standard Warranty

One Year

Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied? Pillar of Light will refund your full purchase price if the instrument and all its implements are returned in new condition within 60 days of delivery date. Customer pays return shipping fees.

Extended Warranty
and Service Contracts

Need a custom contract beyond our standard warranty? Call us.

System Integration

Your Filtering, mineralization and UV purification processes should be done before water goes through Quantum WoLF Water Structuring. That way, the WoLF will also structure the minerals and make their form more coherent and biofriendly.

We do not reccomend Reverse Osmosis or Distillation.

Low Maintenance

The WoLF uses very little power, has no moving parts and is self cleaning; thanks to a natural side effect of the structuring process. You will have very few depostis, if any and naturally Soft Water behavior. See more benefits listed down page.

Modular Assembly

Sub-assemblies are modular and easy to replace or upgrade.

Higher Flow Rate

One WoLF Commercial Model produces 3.8 gallons/minute. Production can be on demand or on a 24/7 schedule. Potential daily production of one WoLF Commercial Model is 5,472 gallons/day.

Scalable Modules 

Easily integrate more WoLF units to obtain your desired level of production.
Ex: 4 WoLF units could structure 21,888 gallons or 82,855 liters/day

Water of LIfe Fountain

In case you have yet to see our other WoLF Water Structuring pages,
here’s what you need to know about the making of Quantum WoLF Water.

WoLF Commercial Model

Making Quantum WoLF Water for Home and Business

Benefits and Attributes
of Using the WoLF Commercial Model
for Quantum Water Structuring

  • natural soft water attributes
  • lower surface tension
  • increase solubility
  • release chlorine and gases
  • longevity of water system
  • lower freezing point
  • balance ph – slightly alkaline

  • plants grow healthy, faster, bigger
  • reduce watering needs
  • animals prefer structured water
  • pets healthy and hydrated
  • no need for pest and herbicides

  • reduce calcium, mineral deposits
  • reduce corrosive chemicals and salts
  • corrosion and deposits in pipes reduced
  • quantum programmed healthy water has infinite uses

  • reduce odors in water systems
  • WoLF self cleaning
  • less pool chlorination
  • use less soap
  • septic systems work better
  • increase business profits

WoLF Commercial Model Contract

The WoLF Commercial Model can be purchased with or without a contract.  A Royalties Contract is sometimes required when the WoLF’s Quantum Structured Water will be sold as part of a product; which is the case with the water bottling industry.

WoLF – Small Business or Commercial Package

The Commercial WoLF comes in 2 pricing packages;
Small Business Package (15 employees or less) and
the Commercial Package (16 or more employees)

Pricing Structure
under development

WoLF product pricing chart