WoLF Countertop Model

The WoLF Countertop Model provides the world’s best
structured water for your everyday needs.

WoLF Countertop Model Vortex View looking downward performing Quantum Wolf Water structuring
WoLF Countertop Model for your kitchen or any living space
WoLF Countertop Model - Vortex Tube High Intensity LED with Germanium Triad Receiver Assembly

WoLF Countertop Kitchen Unit

Quantum WoLF Water Structuring for the Kitchen –

How often we hear that family and friends gather and hang out in the kitchen more so than in living room areas.  And with a WoLF Countertop model installed, it’s going to draw even more attention to kitchen living.  The WoLF certainly is a conversation starter and fun to watch as it structures your homes water. “What the heck is that? … and “What is it doing?”… are conversations you’re going to have.  So like us, you’ll have to figure out just how you want to answer those questions. Its not as easy to answer as you think. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, you’re probably trying to explain quantum physics to someone while knowing next to nothing about it.

Join the group.  Even quantum physicians themselves don’t really understand how it all works. But they do know that it does. And that’s a good place to start. So if you don’t feel like getting all sciencey, just tell them that the WoLF structures water memory and water energy to create the healthiest water on the planet and be done with it.  Good luck with that.


This will provide you the simplest setup or installation of a Quantum WoLF water structuring device. A stand alone unit basically means that the WoLF will only be supplying one point of water use location.  As an example, If the WoLF is setup in your kitchen, you’ll have to get the water from there; even if you want to water house plants or your garden with it.  So find a bucket and start hauling.

NOTE – The WoLF Countertop was not designed to be a small, super convenient healthy water making device that neatly tucks away on your kitchen counter top. Our goal was to make the world’s best structured water. So our Quantum WoLF Water Structuring machine is what it needs to be in order to accomplish that goal. If you want the best healthy water, you’ve found it in the WoLF.

If you desire multiple points of access, you’ll need to purchase our WoLF Whole Home model or a WoLF Commercial unit for multiple points of use, high integration and higher volume of structured water output. These types of installs would service your whole home or facility with access to structured water throughout the plumbing delivery system. If you want to take a shower in the amazing WoLF water for healthier, smoother skin and to have a great hair day every day, a whole home install is the way you’ll want to go.

PLACES TO USE – a “Stand Alone” WoLF counter top unit

The kitchen represents the highest concentration of varied uses and needs for water than any other living space.  Water is needed for drinking, cooking, cleaning, watering, etc. So it stands to reason that installing a WoLF Counter top model in the kitchen is the number ONE location for the water structuring device. That being said, everyone has different needs and environmental conditions to adapt to. So the WoLF countertop model could also end up in the laundry room, garage, covered porch, sun room, etc.

Even In professional settings, it’s possible that a WoLF could be installed as a “stand alone” unit requiring little plumbing and integration into the space.  The WoLF countertop model might end up in a lab or lobby. In a restaurant kitchen or customer seating area or behind the bar on the wall. Or perhaps the hair salon would have it displayed for viewing or hidden away but functional for hair washing and rinsing. The corner organic market might install it high on the wall so people can see it structuring water as they fill their bottles. Or the high end resort might have the WoLF hidden away in their pool house as it structures pool and hot tub waters for the best soak experience possible. And certainly, the greenhouse, hot house, aquarium or fish farm can have one too!  Even the produce department in the grocery store might be keeping its racks of produce fresh while it sprays them with Quantum WoLF Structured Water.

Chances are though, in such situations, a more integrated approach of WoLF installation would be desired and/or necessary. And each installation will have need for a certain amount of customization.

Let us know what your needs are.  If you don’t know, just contact us and we will help you figure that out too.


Go to Easy Setup for more on setup requirements and using the
Quantum WoLF water structuring device; a Twin Vortex Living Water Technology

Shown at the top is a WoLF Countertop unit temporarily installed into a kitchen setting. Were it to be a more permanent kitchen installation, input and output hoses could be more hidden and the water output flow could go straight down into a storage receptacle – either on top of the counter, under the counter in a cabinet or off to the side of the counter.  Since there are so many design choices on how to accomplish a gravity feed installation of a Quantum WoLF Countertop unit, we leave that aspect to your discretion, tastes and the requirements of the space that you have to work with.