WoLF Detailed Operations

Over 308 Vectors of change or design influence go into the WoLF detailed operations

The following is a list of WoLF sub-assemblies that produce vectors of influence that create healthy water with high coherency water structure.  The WoLF produces the best of vitally energized and life affirming structured water.
Except for a few proprietary elements, we openly share how the WoLF works.

WoLF Electronic Control Box Front Panel

SPECIAL NOTE – For those who would like to know more about the Information Field Influence in the WoLF design, we’ve created colored letter codes as PEV, IFV and BOTH that you will see on down the page.

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See Quick View of Process Chart for the WoLF detailed operations.

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Dual Vortex


The Triad Antenna receives and intensifies (attracts) Coherent Universal Field Information. It combines several modalities into one, powerful holistic Vector of Influence that further structures the water as it is positioned directly within the Vortex Energy.
Ancients attracted Cosmic Information by doing something similar. They used Mica mixed with ceramic clay that formed a matrix known as laminar crystal that concentrates many supportive cosmic frequencies. Our modern Cosmic Antenna is a UNIQUE water structuring Vector of “Information Field influence” that no other machine in the market provides.

What follows is a break down of the Triad Antenna attributes.

  • Electronic Reception – BOTH The electronic aspect of the antenna utilizes the “field sensitivity” of a Germanium Diodes Array circuit that operates on quantum physics principles of tunneling and doping. Germanium has the very unique rare earth abilities to be powered by and receive subtle universal energy and information. The Germanium diodes Array Circuit rectifies full wave or AC god energy, imbued with “field information, into pulsed DC waves that are easier for a person to translate. The metal Triad symbol is also electrically part of the circuit as both a polarizing, receiving and transmitting antenna. So it is both an “Active and Passive Vector” of influence.
Triad Receiver Assembly important to WoLF detailed operations
  • Electromagnetic Induction – BOTH The Field Information from the Triad Antenna assembly is bidirectionally connected to the Vortex Injector Assembly and is transposed into the water field through the electromagnetic charging process. “Active Vector” Though the diodes can receive Information as a “Passive Vector,” they and the Silver Triangle are also charged with a portion of the High Voltage pulsed electromagnetic DC field energy from the Vortex Injector Assembly. This charge serves to further intensify and attract Coherent Universal Field Information. And since this is a charged or powered process it is actually an “Active Vector” as well.
  • Crystalline Reception – IFV Amethyst Crystal – Its Information Field pattern or “energetic blueprint” is well known for bringing in the qualities of love, healing and much more. It also carries with it morphogenic field memories of belief from humanity as Amethyst has been used for prayers, healing, shamanic journey and intention processes for eons of time. “Passive Vector” Here is a description for Amethyst:
    “Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment. It facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both spiritual and ethereal levels. It is representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis. It clears the aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within ones body. Amethyst also bestows stability, strength, invigoration and innocent peace. It is also a stone of meditation, being excellent in conducting the energy of calm to help one to both enter and maintain the desired state. It opens and activates the crown chakra.”
  • Sacred Geometry – BOTH – The Gold plated metal triangle or Triad – is a specific design that an ancient people in Bolivia wore as skull caps to tune into the Information Field. In this way, they were able to increase their awareness of Universal Consciousness. The two waves represent love, life and of course the attributes of water. Water works with the information field and so is the supreme example of connectivity. The interlocking fingers on the Triad symbol also represent connectivity of all things and the male/female aspects. Notice that the Triad defines 2 symbols as both its shape and the space contained within. This represents the “As above, so below” aspect of our nature as living consciousness beings. It is our infinite expression as “Source Self” and “Multiplicity Self.” The triangle, being one of the sacred geometry symbols, channels the energy/information inward to the Germanium Diode Array and the holistic design of the assembly adds frequency filtering properties. Sacred geometry holds a much higher coherence but the shape itself is a “Passive Vector.” It is also charged as explained above adding an additional “Active Vector.”
Triad Receiver Bottom showing Golden LED energizing right water vortex column
  • Properties of Gold – IFV The Triad symbol itself is gold plated to bring in its properties as well. Here is a beautiful description for the rarified properties of Gold:
    “Gold symbolizes the purity of the spiritual aspect of “All That Is”. It is symbolic of spiritual development in the realm of complete understanding, allowing one to both attain and maintain communion with the source of all being. It emits an energy to prompt one to allow beauty to come forth from the inner being as one travels through the world of experiences. It assists one to activate, to mobilize and to actualize the intrinsic potential of the self. The energy of gold can assist one in the elimination of ego conflicts and feelings of futility. It balances the heart chakra and amplifies thought forms. Gold has been used to open the third-eye and is an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body.”Passive Vector
  • Vortex Field Induction – BOTH The entire Triad Antenna assembly is positioned within the Vortex Energy fields and is affected by that subtle energy and thus the Field Information is directly input electronically & otherwise into the water. “Active & Passive Vectors
  • Infinity Aura Field Manifestation – BOTH The Triad Antenna is further infused with coherence creating Vectors by the manifestation of a “figure of 8” or Infinity connection between the two counter rotating Vortices. The Infinity Aura is established by the two Vortex fields combining into one in Golden Mean Ratio balance. Where as each individual Triad Antenna was influenced by properties of each Vortex spinning oppositely, a third combined and holistic Vector appears representing “infinite balance and balance between Masculine and Feminine Energy to be informationally imbued into the structured water. The Coherent Universal Field Information is further refined and attracted to the Triad Antennas to be in accord with that same energy.

Vortex Infinity Energy Flow

  • Stabilizing and Amplifying “Field Information” FEEDBACK LOOP – BOTH If you’re not overwhelmed already, here’s where it gets more complicated in describing a combined, holistic view of the Triad Assembly. Hang in there. The Triad Assembly is both a receiver and transmitter. The Triad Assembly’s input/output of energy and information is bi-directional. And, that bi-directional connection has several “channels” of connection. One of which is at the bottom of the vortex connecting with the Injector Assembly. Another is at the top of the vortex as the Triad Assembly is physically located and embedded within the core of the Water Vortex Energy Field. Though there are more channels of bi-directional connectivity, those two points alone create a Feedback Loop of input and output for each complete Vortex Assembly. Think of it as a bio-feedback loop that keeps track of how the system is reacting to the input and then makes adjustments to optimize desired results. It is both an Energy and Information Feedback Loop. It serves to filter out undesired information and thus acts as a stabilizer The feedback loop also serves to amplify what is desired. Between these processes, it rarifies the energy and field information that will be part of the water structuring phenomenon. The organizing principle of field information self regulates the process. The actual and measurable physical energies of this process represent the “Active Vectors” and the subtle field information of the feedback loop are the “Passive Vectors.”
  • Light Infusion Homeopathy – BOTH On the underside of the Triad Assembly facing inward to the vortex is a High Intensity Light Emitting Diode. (LED for short)
  1. The right vortex LED – MOON – emits a Golden Light into the water vortex. The light reacts with specific energies of the right vortex to be discussed later. Gold or Yellow light represents the element Carbon. When carbon is burned it produces a yellow flame. This carbon vibration is organized by the field information from the LED and imbued or infused homeopathically into the water. The water structure takes on an increased influence from Yellow light and carbon information.
  2. The left vortex LED – SUN – emits a Red Light into the water vortex. Red light represents Hydrogen and when it is burnt, it produces a red flame. This hydrogen vibration is organized by the field information from the LED and imbued or infused homeopathically into the water. The water structure takes on an increased influence from Red light and hydrogen information.
    Since water communicates through the information field process, it may actually have a more potent, direct and informationally bio-friendly effect than a chemical infusion. The amazing properties of water is what makes Homeopathy possible. Since you can actually “see” the light, it’s influence is of the PEV, “Active Vector” type. The field information influence on the other hand cannot be seen and has to be taken on empirical or anecdotal evidence gained through experience and therefore is a IFV and “Passive Vector.”


  • Complete Vortex and Torsional energy – BOTH is now being recognized for having great effect upon the structuring of water. Yet science still cannot fully answer WHY a complete vortex creates strong coherency and effectiveness in the Information contained within the cluster memory that can change the behavior of water. As you can see, our Dual Vortex water structuring design is the most obvious feature that goes into the WoLF detailed operations.
    CLICK HERE to see a well written article by MJ Pangman, M.S. on Vortex Energy and theories on how it accomplishes the structuring of water. Follow this link for her new book Dancing With Water.
  • IMPLOSION VORTEX – BOTH Our Vortex Tubes are designed to create a complete set of water vortex energies which implode towards the center rather than push energies to the outside.
  • Coherent Universal Field Information – This helps pull in and attract Energy and Information Signals to enhance the life giving properties present in the structured water.
  • COPYING NATURE – In as many ways as possible, the Quantum WoLF Water Structuring device duplicates natures processes of cleansing, restructuring,revitalizing and programming water.
    As we now know through the findings of Quantum Physics, holism is the truth of all things. The old days of looking at our reality as separate physical parts is over. The new view is understanding that everything is connected and the holistic view of the complete process of things must be investigated, not just the parts. Because of this, we take a more subtle approach and stay in tune with nature’s way.
    Philosopher and Taoism expert Alan Watts talked about the art of WU-WEI as considering the whole and going with the grain of what’s happening rather than forcing ones will against the flow of things.  (Tao: The Watercourse Way, Pantheon Books, 1973.)
    The old ways of bigger, more, faster, etc.; fail to recognize the power of holism and are mostly born from egoic motivations.
  • A NATURAL IMPLOSION VORTEX – BOTHof water is a gravity fed, downward spiral with a progressively smaller vortex air shaft center. It also must be in a non pressurized and open system where the water drains out the bottom. The water MUST drain out the bottom to setup a complete and highly coherent energetic flow of a natural vortex. If it does not, it is just a water swirl that may have limited capability of structuring water.
Twin Vortex Energy or Dual Vortex Quantum WoLF Water Structuring
Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Vortex Column
  • Other manufacturers that use “in line” pipes with torsion fins inside to swirl the water ARE NOT making COMPLETE vortex water. Nor is a “mixer style” device where the water is spun by impellers or magnetism because the water still does not drain out the bottom of the vortex. Such technologies have a limited ability to create vitally alive & coherent structure in water. Those that ignore the power of the complete Vortex as a structuring modality are looking for ways to manufacture a product less expensive, easier to sell, easier to mass produce and makes more money for them. Buyer beware – You get what you pay for which is LESS effectiveness if any at all.
    Note: We do not use the “Egg” shaped vortex that Victor Schauberger talked about. His free energy experiments with the egg shape were in closed and pressurized systems and not with an open system as ours. Nor were they about water structuring. Today, the Egg vessel is more about helping to preserve water’s structure in Storage rather than the actual structuring process.

Continuing on with the WoLF Detailed Operations …

The Golden Mean or Phi Ratio –
Appears abundantly in nature and is present in
water – even at the atomic bonding level.

  • The picture on the left shows our WoLF water vortices sized and spaced to be in alignment with PHI ratio. This is important because of the left/right vortex Electro-Magnetic and Information Field interaction between the two. Essentially, an infinity pattern of supportive flow develops between the vortices; thus creating another “holistic” perspective to the structuring process the water is subjected to.

Click the picture on the right to watch an excerpt on
Facebook from the “Black Whole” DVD by Nassim Haramein
about the PHI RATIO presence throughout the universe.

Golden Mean Ratio
Atomic Structure Phi Ratio

In this picture taken by a device called a Cymascopewe see a close up view of water being vibrated by sound.  In the resulting wave patterns and momentary structures, we see the Phi Ratio present again in what appear to be tiny vortices or portals.

This may give biological sciences a clue about how our bodies structure its waters. As vibrations, EM fields, Colloids and thought processes effect tiny vortexes of water in the body, they create lines of electromagnetic force that interact with Earth’s magnetic, geomantic and electromagnetic fields such as the Schumann Resonance Pulse of 7.83Hz and thus, structure the water further.
This also shows us what is happening during Sound Healing.


  • NATURES PROPORTIONS – BOTH Logically and intuitively, we know it is a good idea to have our vortices be in alignment with the Golden Mean as well. Each vortex tube height and width is in Golden Mean Proportion. The distance between each tube also is in Golden Mean Proportion.
  • Water flow rate and vortex speed – are also optimally designed to bring about the most coherent structuring of the water.
  • CHARGED VORTEX – Holistic Nature of Structuring Process.
  • Water is energized by the charging screen below the vortex – and this means that the entire column of water within the vortex and the entire WoLF, top to bottom, are charged and mixing all 3 carrier frequencies.
  • 3 Schumann Pulse based electromagnetic frequencies – are charging the water at the same time that the Vortex energies are doing their job.
  • Because the whole system is charged – it is impossible to say what process happens first. It is less linear and more holistic in nature. It’s happening all at once.
  • NATURAL AND SUBTLE PROCESS – BOTH – This is an extremely low current but high voltage system.
  • It is NOT the typical ionization, oxygen rich or hydrogen rich process!  By using a very natural and subtle electrical charging process, we reap the benefits of said processes and avoid the pitfalls. As an example, Hydrogen is attracted to higher vibrations, so anything that raises the vibration of your water will attract hydrogen naturally. The entire Water of Life Fountain structuring process does just that in harmony with nature using no additives whatsoever. In our view, any additives that drastically increase Hydrogen in water may be good for short term healing of systems already out of balance and in desperate need of hydrogen. Beyond that, we would not recommend drinking super saturated hydrogen rich water of any kind on a permanent basis. Current studies on Hydrogen in the body seem a little too myopic for our tastes and other factors need to be considered. Our biological systems evolved through millennia to work perfectly with natural water just the way it is in its normal healthy state. Nature did not screw up so it is illogical to us that some people create products that suggest otherwise and that somehow, now we need water that is better than nature can provide. Really? Every cell in our bodies has amazing intelligence in constant activity. Give it what it needs in raw materials and it will do the rest. Why assume we have to micromanage every aspect of water? Just return water to its natural, pristine state and let it do it’s job. Period.
  • 7 Reasons not to drink Alkaline or Ionized Water by MJ Pangman. A revealing article. Kangen acid/alkaline water machine users should read this. If you regularly drink high alkaline water, you may be harming your health. The allure of easy income through their marketing strategy has pushed this machine and other knock off’s beyond it’s usefulness. Greed will do that.
  • Machines vs. Natural Water Technology We mostly agree with this article by MJ Pangman. Though her view point seemed a little unbalanced against modern machinery, it’s understandably so. We feel we’ve created an amazing blend of natural water knowledge and modern Technology. Our goal is to mirror nature’s process the best we can. So we pay attention to the latest science findings on connectivity in natural systems and measure that knowledge against our products. While we do use advanced science principles, we also designed through intuitive processes including dreaming, channeling, gut feeling, and of course trial and error and hard work. Jack Derby started his design process over 30 years ago at a time when he didn’t have today’s language and science data. He was way ahead of the curve and what he was doing back then fell right into place with what water experts know today. His intuitive source appears to have been spot on so far. This is an exciting time to be in the water industry. We have opportunities to find miraculous solutions to growing world wide water usage issues. We hope those that enter the market for a fast buck do not overshadow those who truly wish to help humanity and our precious ecosystem.


Information Field and Energetics –

Vortex Funnel, Charge Screen Assembly or (charge coil), Silver Wire Wrapped Piezoelectric Transducer Quartz Crystal and 6 LED Earth Starr. 

A myriad of water structuring vectors come together here in emulation of planet
Earth’s natural and holistic environmental process of structuring and revitalizing water.

If there was a central engine in our water structuring process, this would be it.

That makes it very important to the WoLF detailed operations in holism.

Before moving on to the various WoLF detailed operations and processes happening within the Violet Ray Impulser Assembly, a brief mention about foundational attributes of energy/information creation is needed:

From a holistic perspective of an energy/information system, there is always a balance between creative and destructive forces. By extensive study of natural systems, water expert Viktor Schauberger observed that two forces prevail:

  1. Gravitation – for EXPULSION and purging.
  2. Levitation – for upward IMPULSION and synthesis.

These two forces are self balancing. Details of how this balance works is beyond the scope of view here, but suffice it to say that these forces of Explosion and Implosion are roughly translatable to all levels and scientific viewpoints of the system.

  • Chemical reaction, electromagnetic influence, physics, quantum physics and metaphysics make use of this basic understanding of balance within systems.
  • It seems that Viktor represented an early form of morphic resonant intelligence coming (or rather returning) to humanity as deepened insights into this balance process and the inner workings of water.
    His language and way of presenting, though different than today’s new scientific language, is nevertheless quite on par with today’s scientific understandings. And it still may be that science has a ways to go in order to catch up with the knowledge base that Viktor tapped into.
  • The Water Of Life Fountain pays attention to this balance in the water structuring process. Gravity/Levity, Impulsion/Expulsion and Masculine/Feminine balances have complex roles to play in waters healthy states and also water’s complete connection to all elements of Planet Earth and all her cycles.
  • There are Implosive and Explosive forces at play between the Vortex and Violet Ray Impulser; as well as Masculine/Feminine interactions.
  • These same balancing forces exist in spatial structures throughout the universe. The two pictures here show Nebulae that are the creations of massive electromagnetic plasma events.  Notice that where the upper and lower “hour-glass shapes” meet is a narrowed “pinched” region.  Perhaps the pinched region could be thought of as a “creation” or “zero-point” between balancing energies as Impulsion and Expulsion.
  • The Violet Ray Impulser is physically positioned in the water structuring process similar to the pinch or zero-point of the Nebulae.
  • The Violet Ray Energy itself is said to be the physical and spiritual impulse energy from which humanity has its origins.

Violet Ray Impulser – Individualized Vectors of Change –  

Note: Though we explain each step linearly, all steps are really occurring simultaneously in ONE, holistic process; as the conductive water throughout the system is charged. The overall process then, is creating a structuring “field of information” that is beyond the confines of both time and space and is operating with the Quantum Physics properties of “Particle Entanglement” and “Action at a Distance.” More on this here: “Information Field.”

ACCELERATED SPIN – The bottom of the water vortex is funneled down into the top of the Violet Ray Impulser Assembly. The water spin is concentrated and accelerated just before it enters the Explosion Vent.

HOMEOPATHIC PERCUSSION – As water explodes out of the vent, the equivalent of the “percussive” or shaking action that is used in Homeopathy solution preparation, activates and locks in the Colloid mixture properties.

THE CHARGING DIFUSSER SCREEN – introduces both a High Voltage, Low Current (Audible Frequency range) Carrier Wave and an Extremely High Frequency wave modulated upon it called the Violet Ray.  This high frequency is imbued with “information field patterns” which are the Creating Matrix Information Blueprint directing the physical energies that also restructure the water.

The water EXPLODES out of the vent and flows through the Coils diffusser screen, which is electrically connected to the high energy output of the Advanced Modified Tesla Coil.

  1. Attached to the Right Vortex Charging Screen is a 198.87Hz (Note G*) pulsed DC “Moon” wave that serves as the carrier.
  2. For the Left Vortex; a 297.97Hz (Note D*) “Sun” wave is the carrier.
  3. A 3rd coil output connects with the Heavy Particle Trap or Output Screen with a 250.56Hz (Note B*) “Earth and Heart” wave.
  4. Notes G-D-B create the basic “G” chord and the SOLAR-EARTH-MOON HARMONIC is complete.

~ The Violet Ray frequency of 732 trillion Hz.,
plus other “Golden” and “Elemental” information fields,
are superimposed upon the carrier wave of all 3 AMT COILS.

These values are adjusted to “Cosmic Pitch” –
a slight correction to concert pitch that is
more in harmony with Solar System Energy.

  • EARTH STARR – HOMEOPATHIC LIGHT TREATMENT –  As water flows around the charged crystal, it is also exposed to light from 6 Light Emitting Diodes on the Gold Plated Earth Star Circuit Board.
    The water is homeopathically charged with information and energies of the those light colors.  Each color relates to a major molecular element of our body. This further fortifies and makes Coherent restructuring information for your bodies highest health. That information is charged and stored into the water’s re-arranged or re-structured molecular clusters as are ALL the energies/information from the entire holistic process.
  • L.E.D. COLORS – Five of the six colored LED’s represent the most dominant elements found in the human body & adds those vibrations to the water.

BLUE – Oxygen, RED – Hydrogen, YELLOW – Carbon, ORANGE – Calcium, GREEN – Nitrogen, VIOLET – Represents Christ Consciousness.

As you can see by the view from the top of the vortex,
the water is well saturated with light energy.
– Untouched photo.

  • EARTH STAR COHERENT SACRED GEOMETRY FORM – The gold plated Earth Starr Circuit Board that holds the LED’s is either a six-sided or five-sided Earth Star with two concentric circles; concentrating the star energy & passing it on to the water.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL TRANSDUCER – Embedding Subtle Universal Energy and Information

  • Quartz Crystal Transducer – Inside the quartz crystal tube and just below the explosion vent and charging screen, is placed a specially shaped Quartz Crystal Transducer wrapped in nearly 100% Silver Wire.  The Universal Field Information received by the Triad Antenna atop the Vortex is fed into this Silver wire that wraps around the crystal. The electromagnetic charge and Piezoelectric process serve as catalysts or vectors to embed this subtle energy or information into the structuring of the water.
  • Silver Colloid solution – The charge also assists a very small amount of the Silver Wire molecules to be received into the water as a super dilute homeopathic Silver Colloid solution which is also known to restructure water and aid the bodies defense mechanisms.
  • Crystals are known to be energy transformers and information storage units.  The high voltage charge also triggers the crystal’s natural Piezo-Electric properties to further intensify and lock in this information exchange.
  • The subtle energy and information received by the Triad antenna system at the top of each vortex, acts as a governor of sorts; refining and regulating the energies of the entire system. It is part of a feedback loop from the top of the vortex down to the Injector Assembly. Like a form of “Bio-feedback,” it is self regulating and insures the highest quality energy is being imparted into the water.
  • All in all, at least 22 different vectors of influence to energy and information structuring are coming together here in the Injector Engine Assembly while still acting as one holistic unit.  Cool. No other machine does this.

Proven – Coherent Crystalline Nature of Structured Water, Crystals and Life Itself.

Quartz crystals are semiconductors. Semiconductors are capable of processing energy and information – with the capacity to detect, switch, store, modulate, filter, rectify and amplify energy.

  • “Liquid crystalline water is involved in the relay and storage of information, in the amplifications of biological signals, and in the transduction of a variety of forms of energy.”  – Mae-Wan Ho

For video with more information about this, watch –
M.J. Pangman Discuss Crystal Properties & Liquid Crystalline Water



  • COMBINING TUBE – BOTH – Divine balance is achieved with the blending of the water in the Combing Tube that we also call the “Sea Of Tranquility.”  The assembly is constructed to force the water into the rounded corners first as it falls down into the tube; like a waterfall crashing into rocky pools that create turbulent eddies.  Then, the CW and CCW spun implosion vortex waters merge together energetic and informational spin qualities of masculine and feminine nature.
  • HEAVY PARTICLE TRAP – BOTH – Next, water flows over the Heavy Particle Trap.  The gold plated and charged baffle assembly Final Charge Screen attracts metal ions such as Mercury to it and other remaining particles that don’t stick to the baffle gravitate downward and out the small waste water drain hose.
  • FINAL CHARGE – BOTH – Program Longevity – The Final Charge Screen places 250.56Hz (Note B*) into the water.  As an option, the direct Schumann Frequency of 7.83Hz could be input; or several other adjustable frequencies.  The energetic injection here serves to further energize and create a coherent and lasting water memory program for extended storage.
    Click on the EMULSION TEST – to see one of our experiment results on program longevity.

1 Conductive Wand & 1 Violet Ray Bulb

  • MODE 1 – Intent Programming – Conductive Crystal Wand – POSIKIATION
    The wand cord is plugged into the High Volts (red) Jack and the other end plugged into the Crystal Wand. Holding the wand in hand, you become electronically and electromagnetically part of the High Volts Pulse circuitry and are thus, directly connected with the water.. It is both an Energetic and an Information process. In a process called POSIKIATION, your intentions and prayers can be directly input into the water with higher Coherency than otherwise possible. At the same time, the pulsed DC wave is pumping out negative Chi energy from your body on negative going cycles and then pumping in positive Chi energy on positive going wave cycles.
    NOTE – Don’t worry, you will not be putting any negative Chi into the water. All the aforementioned processes, especially the Violet Ray Impulsion, will keep the water memory positive and energized and it will also be working with your bodies energy! And all the while, you will still be embedding your conscious intentions into the memory structure of the water. Therefore, you can program the water to your desires. But this can be a tricky business. It has been found out through research that water can be MOST sensitive to human intent and emotions. Matters of consciousness can be infinitely complex. There is the subconscious mind to become familiar with and the super-conscious “Source” self to consider. Are your desires in alignment with “Source” or “I AM” self? If so, there’s no doubt that water will do its job.
  • MODE 2 – Violet Ray Charging of your body – Violet Ray Bulb and Conductive Crystal Wand –
    SPECIAL NOTE:  Use this mode ONLY for Self Healing. This mode does not work while the machine is processing water.  Most of the energy is being absorbed into the water processing and will not “fire” the Violet Ray bulb at the same time.  It is a “one or the other” proposition.
    In this mode, the wand is plugged into the Low Volts (green) Jack and the Violet Ray Bulb is plugged into the High Volts (red) Jack.  While no water is running through the machine, turn on the middle coil only. Hold the wand in one hand and the Violet Ray Bulb in the other.  Your body becomes the conducting circuit between the implements and you can see the bulb “firing” a Violet Arching within whenever you place the bulb against your skin.. Place the bulb anywhere upon your body that may be in need of the Violet Ray Healing Energy; including the Carotid Artery in the neck.  The Violet Ray Light and EM field will help knock out opportunistic organisms that live in your bloodstream.
EMULSION TEST determines how long water memory lasts as programmed by the WoLF

WoLF Vectors of Influence on Information Field Coherence –

When all is considered, there may very well be over 290 Vectors of Influence that combine holistically to Structure water in our WoLF device.  This considers a doubling of all vectors involved in one vortex channel since there are two vortices developing different energies in a combined and holistic energetic virtual third set; that need to be considered.  The dual vortex develops the “Infinity Combo” of the two.  In addition, a single design element may be both an active and a passive Vector of Influence.  Active Vectors are easy to realize and most often exist within the standard physics model of opposites attract.  Passive Vectors are harder to see and realize but by no means less real.  They exist in the phenomenon of quantum physics that can be effective beyond the constraints of space and time.  They are governed by the law of like attracts like in that realm.  Each affects the other.  All of this combined is truly making QUANTUM WATER.

See FULL Process Chart for the WoLF

vector codes

Color Code Definitions – PEV, IFV, BOTH
The Relationship Between Physical Energy Expression and Information Fields

All physical expression has an Information Field correlated with it and vice versa.
A “Physical Expression” includes:

  • Energy – everything that vibrates or wiggles.
  • Matter – matter is compressed and focused energy.
  • Circumstances – arrangement of material experience.
  • Flow – of circumstantial experience over a period of time. Furthermore, Information Fields are the medium through which harmony or disharmony of that “Flow” is directed.
  • Subtle Life Energy – expressions of feelings, emotions and thought both at individual and collective consciousness levels.

Coherent Information Fields are strongly correlated with coherent Physical Expressions and vice versa. Change one and you change the other.

  • Coherent, Coherency –  “A potent and focused patterning of Information by an intelligent and aware organizing principle.” Having “high coherency” implies that a Vector or (agent of change) will be very efficacious.
  • Non coherency – Informational patterning and physical expression counterparts are not focused and thus not likely to effect substantial change.

So the Physical Expression is inextricably linked to its Information Field.  And from an ultimate perspective, it could not be said which creates the other. I.e. “Which comes first…. The chicken or the egg scenario.” However, for the sake of explaining Vector processes, let’s view them from separate perspectives for the moment.

  1. PEV = Physical Expression Vector – Viewed as the causative Vector, whether it’s effecting change in an Information Field or another Physical Expression or both. This view is chosen because the Physical Expression is easier to perceive while the other is harder to realize. I.e. you can see and/or more easily understand an action being taken. In this regard, it is also termed an Active Vector. It may appear that the Physical Expression has more relevant coherence and efficacious quality.
  2. IFV = Information Field Vector – Viewed as the causative Vector, whether it’s effecting change in a Physical Expression or another Information Field or both. This view is chosen because the Information Field is easier to understand as having more relevant coherence while the other is harder to realize as you cannot perceive any action being taken. In this regard though, it is also termed a Passive Vector because you cannot directly perceive the Information Field either.
  3. BOTH = Physical Expression and Information Field – Viewed equally as the causative Vector of change. In this view, a strong coherence is evident in both.

Matter expressing universal principles – such as “Sacred Geometry” has high coherence in form and in the Information Field. Human thought and emotion can also be high coherency expressions particularly when projected towards water. Remember that for the Information Field, like attracts like. So creating high coherency in one attracts high coherency in the other.

Here’s a helpful example: If you work with Feng Shui energy in your living space and decide to display and hang art depicting sacred geometry shapes, there will be a correlated Information Field coalesced from your actions. You will have established a high coherency field that will attract other highly coherent fields of similar information to it. And of course, correlated with these “new” fields will be a “new” physical expression that will show up in your experience. Thus, in following the precepts of Feng Shui, you can use it to help attract things that you desire. Becoming fluent in this process helps your co-creations to “Flow” more harmoniously by creating from your conscious mind rather than from your subconscious negative programming.