Chakra Balancing and Tuning

A traditional Chakra Balancing is attempting to adjust the energy of each Chakra to be in accord with the others with no consideration given to the overall tuning of the entire system. In this sense, you could have a Chakra system that appears balanced to itself but is still improperly tuned to the orchestra of life.
Our “Chakra Balancing & Tuning” means – adjusting the electromagnetic resonant frequency of ALL Chakras to be in direct Octave Resonance with the Schumann Frequency of the Earth & thus, properly tuned with respect to each other. When the chakras are properly balanced and tuned electromagnetically; (i.e. they are energy entrained) they are in an optimal state to then use their divine built-in wisdom to regulate and maintain the body with all its proper physical vibration rates. When your EM field is maintained, your entire holistic presence is more receptive to your divine essence wisdom.
“Chakras” are – regulating vortexual, electromagnetic centers of our bodies that are also ganglionic nodes that channel energy and information throughout the body. Tune and harmonize the chakras with electromagnetic resonance from the Crystal Wands and the harmonizing Chakras in turn will regulate your entire bodies health with their stable and strengthened Electromagnetic Shield. They bathe every cell in the most healthful and natural EM environment possible. So the Electro Magnetic Fields of the Chakras support each cell to vibrate at its divine physical frequency. In this way, there is no need to treat each type of cell with its own resonant “physical” vibration since the properly balanced and tuned “EM” vibration of each Chakra Center supports each cell to access its own innate wisdom. Why treat a symptom when you can treat the cause?

Chakra Balancing and Tuning

for your

Radiant Holistic Health and Higher Consciousness.

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“The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator has 16 defined frequency settings; one for each Chakra.

The VRCR is for helping the Chakras to tune & balance to very specific Earth Friendly Frequencies.
It is this tuning & balancing that helps us to overcome unhealthful man made electromagnetism
& enables us to heal ourselves & move into higher awareness unimpeded by disruptive forces.”

This is a globally uplifting time with more people becoming aware of their energy body in addition to their physical body.  Maps of the human energy system date back thousands of years and human nature, being what it is, has precipitated many changes, versions & additions made to those maps.  Some changes may be due to increased understanding of the human energy system or perhaps evolutionary or spiritual changes in the system itself.  No doubt, people tend to see things “their” way and so create differences of opinion about the matter.  It is good to remember that a map is just a “sign post” pointing towards the truth, not the truth itself.

These maps give location, purpose & other detailed information about certain focal points of energy called “Chakras” or “Power Centers” within the human energy system.  Aspects of a persons well being can be attributed to the operating conditions of their Chakra Centers.  All aspects of Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical relate to the Chakras in one way or another.

The traditional Chakra System Map lays out 7 major Chakras of the body and for the most part is considered valid even today.  Other maps have added more Chakras to the “major” list with a widely accepted number currently being 12.  One “12 Chakra” system is called the “12 fold Solar Spine” & the 7 traditional Chakra subset within that system are called the “7 Fold Planetary Spine.”

The human energy map that we use is based on 16 Major Chakras & is what the
Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is specifically tuned and adjusted to match.
Humanity has evolved & moved forward constantly immersed in the
Electromagnetic Energy Field of the Earth.
Our own energy is really a subset of the Earth & should be in complete resonance.
This 16 Chakra system recognizes this alignment of natural resonance with Earth Energy & is believed to be the closest representation of truth pertaining to our energy bodies that we have to date.

This 16 Chakra system came into being through several different yet overlapping channels of information; tangible and seemingly intangible, old & new.  The foundation has its beginnings with a popular system from Charles Fillmore.

In “The Twelve Powers of Man” written by Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity Movement, we read, “The subconscious realm in man has 12 great centers of action, with 12 presiding egos or identities. These identities, such as love, faith, wisdom, etc., are expressions of the One Power, the Christ within each of us. The 12 disciples symbolically represent each of these twelve pathways, these 12 Powers of the Christ.”

Awareness of Four Additional Chakras comes to be.

By measuring 1,000s of peoples Chakras both scientifically & Intuitively, Jack’s guidance & experiences suggested that an upgrade to this 12 Chakra system was due in a spiritual evolutionary sense & he was given the awareness of 4 more Power Centers or Chakras.   Note:  These centers were always there awaiting to be recognized, balanced, tuned & more consciously used.

  • The “Earth” Chakra is initiated 6″ below the feet.  The conscious activation, balancing and tuning of this Chakra gives even very spiritually connected people the stabilizing connection to Earth Energy necessary for living a balanced physical life.  It gave the feeling of being more “rooted” or “grounded” to Mother Earth. Being grounded is very essential. Those working only out of their spiritual centers are disconnected from the Earth, and many times are not able to be effective. By having the Earth Center tuned in harmony with our Creator, it allows the Divine Energy to flow all the way through our body to the core center of the planet, which then pulses it back up through us to the Heaven Center. These energies, move up and down the Chakras and meet in the Solar Plexus, which is our Wisdom Center. This flow occurs in the shape of a figure eight, known as the infinity symbol.
  • The “Crown” or “I Am” Chakra came into recognition as the second element of what Charles Filmore labeled the “Imagination” Chakra.  Jack discovered that it had a two-fold essence where the “I Am” center or “Christ Consciousness” Center would receive information and send it on to the “Imagination” Chakra where a myriad of interpretations of the Christ Awareness would take place.  The “I Am” Chakra is at the very top of the head.  The “Imagination” Chakra is 3 inches behind the “I AM” Chakra.  Where as the “Will” Chakra is 3 inches in front of the “I Am” Chakra.
  • The “Soul” Chakra was recognized as the next higher step of connection to God Awareness as measured & seen by gifted spiritualists to be located 6 inches above the top of the head.
  • The “Heaven” Chakra came into recognition as the final step towards receiving direct, God Awareness and was measured and seen to be located 12 inches above the head. We are not implying that this is the Center of the Godhead. It pertains specifically to our own, personal Aura. This is the spot that, when tuned properly to the Heaven Center Frequency through the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator, acts like an antenna to recieve Divine, God Energy.


Through Divine Guidance, Jack is given the number .24468750 (as the Frequency in Hz.) of the
Electromagnetic Pulse of the Inner Core of the Earth upon which everything was to be based.
  This was the first hint of knowledge about the “Schumann Frequency” to come later.

Once Jack had reached the understanding of 16 Chakras that needed to be tuned & balanced in relationship with each other, he was then given, through divine guidance, the above number on which every thing was to be based.  The entire 16 Chakra Center System was intended to vibrate at direct Octaves of this number.  An octave is a doubling of the original frequency.  Science knew nothing of the frequency of the Earth’s Inner Core & still doesn’t. Since 1952, science has measured a frequency named the “Schumann Frequency” that is the Electromagnetic Pulse between the Earth & the Ionosphere.   This is actually a set of frequencies of which the strongest & fundamental is measured at 7.83Hz.  with only small variations due to changes in global temperature, night/day effects of the sun & perhaps the number of lightning strikes on the planet in any given second effecting the amplitude of the Schumann Resonant Frequencies.  There are roughly 100 lightning strikes per second globally with a typical current flow of 20,000 Amperes.  That comes to  2 million amps/second!  That is a lot of energy.  But the  overall energy of the Schumann Resonance is  4 to 6 orders smaller than other electrostatic forces in the atmosphere.  It is really a very small but important energy field for our health that is often overwhelmed by man made electromagnetic waves and frequencies.  Some estimate the Schumann Resonance energy may be 200 to 300 million times less than  the man made electromagnetic energy that is found in the typical American living room.  Some also say that man made electromagnetism, for that same reason, may be the single most important threat to human health on the planet. 
Jack was told that the layers of the Earth are each an Octave or doubling from the core on out.
So the Inner Core resonates at .24468750Hz., the Outer Core at .4893750Hz., the Inner Mantle at .978750Hz., the Outer Mantle at 1.95750Hz., the Crust at 3.9150Hz., & finally the Earths surface & Ionosphere (out to about 80Km,) resonates at the Schumann Frequency of 7.83Hz.
It is important to note that Jack knew nothing of the Schumann Frequency then & it’s direct correspondence to being the 5th Octave of the Earth’s Core Frequency he was originally given.  This discovery served as a major confirmation pointing to the truth & validation of all the information he’d received about the proper tuning & balancing of the 16 Chakra Center System of the human energy field.

Just like the Earth, each Chakra of the human energy system doubles in frequency from the Chakra below it when properly tuned & balanced .  This follows the laws of resonance.

Starting at our “Earth” Chakra frequency of 3.9150Hz. (rounded to 4) all the way through the 16th “Heaven” Chakra, each Chakra doubles in Frequency meaning that it is a resonant Octave of the one below.  There is one exception.  The “Imagination” & “I Am” Chakra are both currently resonating at 16,035.84Hz. because of their two-fold nature.  Jack was told that in future time when human global consciousness has advanced, that the “I Am” Chakra would jump to it’s expected doubling of the “Imagination” Chakra bringing it to 32,071.68Hz.  & pushing up the subsequent Chakras  & finally the 16th “Heaven” Chakra frequency up to 128,286.72Hz.  It currently resonates at 64,143.36Hz.

The human body is similar to the Earth in that it also has an electromagnetic field that operates in resonance with the Earth unless pulled out of resonance mostly by man made electromagnetic fields not in tune with the Earth.  Remember, the Earth’s Schumann Resonance energy is quite weak compared to the man made energies that most of us currently live amongst.   The human electromagnetic energy is likened to a DC pulsed current or half wave AC current.  Where as pure universal god consciousness energy is more like full wave AC current.  To receive and “let in” these energies, our higher Chakras translate (metaphorically speaking) god energies from AC into pulsed DC in a step down process.  The Triad symbol on top the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is part of an antenna system that does the same thing.  It is a symbol worn by ancient cultures to help translate more god energy into realms of energy that can be received and understood by the human being.

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator has 16 defined frequency settings; one for each Chakra.
The VRCR is for helping the Chakras to tune and balance to very specific Earth Friendly Frequencies.
It is this tuning & balancing that helps us to overcome unhealthful man made electromagnetism
& enables us to heal ourselves & move into higher awareness unimpeded by disruptive forces.
Below is a chart showing Attributes of the
16 Chakra Center Human Energy System.