Emulating Nature

So why is emulating nature high priority for our quantum water structuring and stress reduction technology?

Science looks to nature for processes that create coherent, structured water. Nature creates positively organized and programmed water molecule clusters loaded with life affirming energy. (Proven and Found in Nature and in the Laboratory)

Emulating nature is key to creating truly healthy water which is vitalized and programmed in life affirming ways.  We know that now.  Virtually all things impact the energy and information stored in water.

But not so long ago, mainstream science would have said that water could only be changed by pressure and temperature.

Boy were they wrong!

Thanks to more recent water research efforts by Materials Science, Quantum Mechanic Sciences, Quantum Biology, Epigenetics and the individual efforts of water investigators worldwide, we now know the following:


Water can be structured and charged either positively or less so, by all forms of energy and information. There is nothing more sensitive to this programming process then water itself. Remember this, because you are made up of 99% water molecules!

  • Negative Programming of Water – cluster structure happens by polluting influences that destabilize the water, lower its level of energetics and corrupts water memory.
  • Positive Programming of Water –  creates coherent structure that stabilizes and makes the water’s energetics more active. Water is free of polluting information and is charged with vital life affirming, encoded memory.

SPECIAL NOTE – We want to be sure that you understand the following message.  And it is that …

Water can be made chemically pure and clean while it still remains informationally polluted! It’s because water DOES have a memory … in a sense … a digital representation of the original chemically polluting substance.  And that memory can imbue the same properties into the water as does the actual chemical molecules; perhaps even stronger. The science of Homeopathy has used this ability of water for decades to create healing remedies. The strength and effectiveness of such remedies may be based in the detailed process of their making and in the coherence and proper structure of the base water.  Use a high quality structured water made by emulating nature and the Homeopathic remedy will be more effective.

In today’s world of unseen polluting factors across the spectrum of environmental impact, it’s vital to realize that chemically filtered or purified water is no longer sufficient to be called “healthy water.”  Re-structured water is needed to be free of all polluting elements.

So science has looked to and is emulating nature to see how water’s negative memory or programming effects are erased and how it is re-structured and imbued with healthy structure from natural energies and Information Fields. And then, in our “Water Of Life Fountain” or WoLF, we duplicate as many of those known, natural processes as economically feasible. The WoLF is truly emulating nature in great detail.


What is Water Structuring?

glowing lightening strike

Lightening strikes globally generate the Earth’s Schumann Resonance Pulse – which are consistent frequencies that all of life evolved within and depends upon. This pulse set helps to structure water as well. But the unseen, man made electromagnetic pollution is millions of times stronger than the Schumann Pulse and is pulling nature, life and us out of balance. The WoLF uses Schumann Resonance to help entrain and structure water back to its pristine states.

Water Cluster graphic in Purple emulating nature

Our planet Earth’s natural environment, when considered in balance and holism, is the most powerful and sacred organic Water Structuring Machine that will ever be. Looking at the entire water transformation process upon the planet, one can easily see many of the common factors that change water structure. Here is why we are emulating nature.

There are endless –

  • Natural Flow Patterns – Phi Ratios present throughout nature – Creates coherent water system energy
  • Light Treatments –  Sunlight and Cosmic Rays – Direct and homeopathic information embedding with energy charge
  • Colloids (epitaxy) – Silver Colloid and other mineral supercharging – and mineral structuring
  • Implosive Dual Vortex and Torsional Energy –  Wave and Stream Vortices – Vectors of change on many levels
  • Nature Performs Endless State Changes – Solid, Liquid, Gas and 4th phase EZ Zone State – Purifies water, resets memory and more
  • Coherent and Sacred Process – Natural Water System Flow Patterns – Attracting positive LIFE field information
  • Quartz Crystal Piezoelectric Effect –  Crystals in Water charged with Natural Em Fields – Charge and programming as crystal itself has memory and energy to give and receive as a transmuter, transmitter, receiver, etc.
  • Electromagnetism – Bio-Compatible –  Lightening Charge and more – Earth frequency resets water memory and energizes
  • Holistic View of Global Water Structuring –  Creates a holistic balance of all energy and information
  • Transmission of Biological Life Energy –  Water’s proximity or quantum entangled contact with life forms – Life sends signals and energy that are embued into water
  • Human Intent and Emotion –  Water picks up on man kinds creations of consciousness – Strongest effect upon water structure but hardest to understand
  • Quantum Information Field –  Water is shown to have at least 2 levels of quantum mechanics process – Entanglement, superposition, action at a distance – Quantum programming.  Processes happening in open water environment and super restricted, inter-cellular environment
  • And More –


If one looks a little closer, it can be seen that –

  • Every kind of energy that exists is being projected into the world’s water – All forms of light, sound, heat, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, gravitational, geomantic, centrifugal forces, vortex or spinning forces, etc., can impact and change water.


And looking closer still, we know that –

  • Solar, galactic, and universal forces affect our planets water.


And last, looking from quantum perspectives, we then realize that –

  • Thought, emotions and “Information Fields” from many sources are also structuring the world’s water.
Emulating nature in its vast water structuring and water energizing capacity
Lightening strikes is one process we use when emulating nature with our Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device
Water flowing over pebbles is a process we use when emulating nature with our Quantum WoLF Water Structuring device
We are emulating nature with the Quantum WoLF water structuring device using quantum processes for water memory cleanse


Wave after endless wave creates vortices that help to energize water and create naturally tuned, coherent structured water.

Information Fields

By the way, “Information Fields” is really implying an intelligent communication of awareness and perception. Currently, Information Fields is a “catch all” phrase for just about everything that exists as a source of intelligent information which organizes and structures all that we know. It’s the organizing principle behind all vibration.

Environmental Pressures

Were it not for the immense environmental pressures from mankind – the world’s water source overall would be in great shape. We’d have less need for special machines to do what nature already does better and more holistically than we could ever do. And if humanity were to suddenly stop its insane abuse of the environment, in no time at all, mother nature would clean things up quite nicely. But the truth is, mankind’s abhorrent pressures upon the planet are also upon ourselves and we DO NEED good sources of water and technologies to begin helping the planet to heal or re-structure its waters.

The WoLF – Emulating Nature – for the finest water structuring

The WoLF design comes from a holistic viewpoint where the sum of its parts is greater than the whole; rather than one of separate parts each doing separate jobs. The holistic design means that its operation was considered as a whole unit as it is emulating nature. Thus, each structuring process of the WoLF has a multiplicity of connections and interrelations with each other structuring aspect of the machine. It structures Quantum WoLF Water with a whole and balanced array of physical energies as well as Information Field processes that are more coherent and effective due to its holistic design.

Ocean Wave vortexes show us that emulating nature is vital
The WoLF Water Structuring device is emulating nature in over 300 ways