glass of healthy water that is structured water by the WoLF water structuring device

Healthy Water

Healthy water is absolutely necessary for life. That part seems simple enough to understand. But water is far from simple. It’s complex and mystifying. Water is a formless expression and yet, can be intricately organized. Healthy water has attributes that can change and react to all energy and information it comes into contact with. Water can store massive energetic potential and information. Throughout history, water has been said to be the bridge between physical expression and spirit. Considering then that your body is made up of 99% water molecules, it becomes very obvious that having access to healthy water is extremely important to your vitality.

WHY you want the best quantum structured water

Wolf looking into Arctic, clean, healthy water

What is Healthy Water?

Healthy water is water that has been cleansed and energized to fully support and enhance living systems rather than drain them of energy.  it is programmed with high coherence information that not only supports life but enables it to thrive.  This means that healthy water is balanced with holistically integrated energies and information. it is life giving, activating and it serves as a channel for living systems communications; even on quantum biological levels. Healthy water is Structured Water, Quantum Water and Crystalline Water.

Where Does Healthy Water Come From?

  • The finest source of healthy water comes from nature itself. – But it’s only from nature’s most pristine locations with perfect conditions that are rapidly being spoiled by mankind. The global system of hydro-logical process provides numerous sources of energy and information that influence the structure of water. Nature removes old polluted memories and reprograms fresh, life affirming, living code. But these natural systems have been overwhelmed by the polluting factors of mankind and global warming. Now, only the most remote and untouched rivers, springs, glacier melts or ancient wells can still provide truly healthy water.
  • Some Water Structuring devices can create healthy water with wildly varied LEVELS of effectiveness. – The WoLF provides the most effective water structuring by emulating nature in fullness, balance and diversity of energizing and programming ability.  The WoLF also provides a “living code’ in the form of a proprietary “Violet Ray” energy that mimics nature’s ability to encode life force energy and information into the water itself.  This extra boosting technology is needed to help a small, man made device be effective in the way that Earth’s natural systems can be. No other device, that we know of, provides any equalizing boost as does the WoLF.


Green hue brain image filled with healthy water


Drinking and Using Healthy, Structured Water That is Cleansed, Vitalized and Programmed by the WoLF

Healthy Water as Quantum WoLF Water Structuring bolsters your bodys information processes
  • STRESS REDUCTION – external and internal biological stress signals are eliminated, neutralized, reduced
  • INCREASE ENERGY – vitality, longevity and stability
  • EFFECTIVE HYDRATION – and nourishment
  • HEALTH BOOST – on all levels
  • TASTES GREAT – Improves taste of any water source
  • SOFT WATER PROPERTIES -bathe and clean better
  • SKIN HEALTH – softer, smoother, vibrant
  • CUSTOM PROGRAMING – for any specific need
  • PLANTS GROW – faster, bigger, healthier
  • IMPROVE YOUR LIFE -physical, mental, emotional, spiritual


on Benefits and Attributes of
Drinking Truly Healthy Water
That is Quantum WoLF Water

  • tastes great
  • neutralize toxins
  • all needed trace minerals structured – made organically bio-friendly
  • allows balanced hydration
  • increased cellular nourishment
  • body becomes more responsive to subtle quantum intelligence
  • softer, smoother, better looking skin
  • soft water properties with no chemicals
  • more vitality, energy
  • improve memory and focus
  • increase flexibility and endurance
  • improves immune system
  • better sleep and moods
  • less pain and swelling
  • natural ph balance
  • better digestion and metabolism
  • reduce skin anomalies, dryness, brittle hair
  • animals love it too
  • blood pressure stabilizing
  • reduce allergic reactions
  • reduce sunburn damage
  • oxygenate, bio-friendly ozonation
  • open air vortex – chlorine and gases escape
  • wetter water – lowered surface tension
  • yin/yang energy balanced
  • coherent water clusters
  • life giving code treatment
  • life affirming energy entrainment
  • quantum coherence maximized
  • conducted morphic field healthy resonance
  • maximize benefits of minerals, supplements, medications, etc.
  • stress reduction on all levels
  • increase spiritual openess


Benefits and Attributes
of Using Quantum WoLF Water

In addition to the lists above –

  • lowered surface tension
  • increased solubility
  • releases chlorine, other gases
  • increased longevity of any water system
  • lowers freezing point
  • plants grow healthy, faster, bigger
  • reduce watering needs
  • animals prefer structured water
  • pets healthy and hydrated
  • no need for pest and herbicides
  • reduces calcium, mineral deposits
  • reduce corrosive chemicals and salts
  • corrosion and deposits in pipes reduced
  • quantum programmed healthy water has infinite uses
  • reduce odors in water systems
  • WoLF self cleaning
  • less pool chlorination
  • use less soap
  • septic systems work better
  • increase business profits

Infinite Applications

Especially because of the WoLF’s
ability for Custom Programming,
Quantum WoLF Water can have literally

Infinite Applications