Information Field

What the heck is the information field?





“Information Fields are like blueprints that are

the organizing principles behind energetic matter.”

– Marc Newkirk -The Lightfield Foundation






“The actual regulation of the whole

organism and the coordination of the cells

is accomplished with INFORMATION FIELDS.”

– Dieter Cimbal PhD

“Matter is compressed energy.

Information is patterns of energy.

There is an INFORMATION FLOW in our bodies.”

– Edgar Mitchell PhD.

“INFORMATIONAL MEDICINE – Medicine that takes

information and changes disturbed information.

That is going to be the future of medicine.”

– Lynne McTaggart

“The heart generates by far the largest rhythmic

electromagnetic signal in the body.

If you look at this magnetic field as a carrier wave,

its being modulated with INFORMATION.”

– Dr. Rollin McCraty


The Information Field is Like Blueprints That are
the Organizing Principles Behind Energetic Matter.

Learn why this matters:

Sciencewater vibrations

CymaScope photograph of water being vibrated by sound.

Information Field Quotes


  • “Matter is compressed energy. Information is patterns of energy.
    There is an information flow in our bodies.”  – Edgar Mitchell PhD.
  • “Informational Medicine – Medicine that takes information and changes disturbed information.
    That is going to be the future of medicine.”  – Lynne McTaggart
  • “The actual regulation of the whole organism and the coordination of the cells is
    accomplished with Information Fields.”  – Dieter Cimbal PhD
  • “What is happening is that the nervous system is
    transmitting a holographic message.”  – Peter Fraser
  • “Science has recognized that at least one third of ALL healing, including drugs,
    surgery and other allopathic interventions, has nothing to do with the
    process but has to do with the placebo effect.”  – Bruce H. Lipton PhD
    We at Pillar Of Light talked to him in person and he updated that
    it’s actually well over two thirds placebo or – belief.
  • “It’s time for us to bring these qualities of healing into the mainstream conversation
    about what is necessary to create an optimal healing system.”  – Marilyn Schlitz PhD
  • “The heart generates by far the largest rhythmic electromagnetic signal in the body.
    If you look at this magnetic field as a carrier wave, its being modulated with information.” – Dr. Rollin McCraty
  • “The Heart’s Field and Intuition –  There is new data suggesting that the heart’s field is directly involved in intuitive perception through its coupling to an energetic Information Field outside the bounds of space and time. Using a rigorous experimental design, we found compelling evidence that both the heart and brain receive and respond to information about a future event before the event actually happens. Even more surprising was our finding that the heart appears to receive this “intuitive” information before the brain. This suggests that the heart’s field may be linked to a more subtle energetic field that contains information on objects and events remote in space or ahead in time. Called by Karl Pribram and others the “spectral domain,” this is a fundamental order of potential energy that enfolds space and time, and is thought to be the basis for our consciousness of the whole.”  – Dr. Rollin McCraty

Properties and observations about Information Fields

Before we get into specifics about the role of the Information Field within our products and in particular, water, we’d like to share some basics attributes about the Information Field or “the field” as it is called, within various scientific disciplines and philosophical treatments.

The following is a valuable and succinct sharing
on the complex subject of Information Fields.

We believe that a significant portion of what is
presented next was worked out by
Marc Newkirk of The Lightfield Foundation
so we want to acknowledge him for his efforts.

It is so well presented on a layman level that we
decided to use it as introduction on the subject.


Here we go:

The old standard physics model only recognized the first 5 of these energies –

  1. Electric
  2. Magnetic
  3. Gravitational
  4. Weak Nuclear Attraction Forces
  5. Strong Nuclear Attraction Forces
  6. Information Field

Thanks to Quantum Physics, the 6th type of energy category has been observed and classified as the “Information Field.” Though technically, it is said to not be energy at all but simply an organizing principle as information.


Here are some properties of Information Fields –

  • Matter and Field are linked – All physical manifestation has Information Fields associated with it and any change in either will effect change in the other.
  • Like attracts Like – this is opposite of normal physics principles though in alignment with the laws of attraction in consciousness co-creation understandings.
  • Non Local – this refers to the observation that information can be put into the field and it shows up and can be accessed everywhere in the universe simultaneously. Information then is not restricted to having an effect only on local reality.
  • Conditions or influences space – This can be locally and/or universally.
  • Manifest and unmanifest energy – it is suggested that Information Fields are like templates or blueprints as organizing principles of energetic matter. Change the readout of the blueprint and you can change the material energy.
  • Vortex Properties – Torsion and Vortex properties having left and right hand spins. This gives strong credence to the principles of using Vortex energy to structure water.
  • Sacred Geometry – creates more coherence or efficacious Information Fields.

Observations related to Information Fields –

  • Just as water is influenced by much energy, so to is the Information Field and vice versa.
  • Thought and emotion create an Information Field.
  • The human aura is both electromagnetic biofields and the informational patterns that organize them.
  • Non Local properties can be observed in remote influencing – both positive and negative. (Action at a distance – Quantum Physics)
  • Information Fields react with consciousness.
  • The brain is a product of consciousness. Consciousness is not a product of the brain.
  • The regulation of a whole organism and the coordination of its cells are accomplished with Information Fields.
  • The Information Field is always instantly being updated by the stronger influences of our sub conscious mind. Thus, Information Fields are the medium through which harmony or disharmony is created and directed in our co-creative life experience.
  • The degree of influence by Information Fields upon our consciousness depends upon our belief systems of that very same consciousness.
  • All beings in an unstressed state have an innate self healing ability that is virtually limitless.

The Relationship Between Physical Energy Expression and Information Fields

All physical expression has an Information Field correlated with it and vice versa.

A “Physical Expression” includes –

  • Energy
  • Matter – matter is compressed and focused energy.
  • Circumstances – arrangement of material experience.
  • Flow – of circumstantial experience over a period of time. Furthermore, Information Fields are the medium through which harmony or disharmony of that “Flow” is directed.
  • Subtle Life Energy – expressions of feelings, emotions and thought both at individual and collective consciousness levels.

Coherent Information Fields – These fields are strongly correlated with coherent Physical Expressions and vice versa.  Change one and you change the other.

  • Coherent – means, “A potent and focused patterning of Information by an intelligent and aware organizing principle.” Having “high coherency” implies that a Vector or (agent of change) will be very efficacious.
  • Non coherency – means that the Informational patterning and physical expression counterpart are not focused and thus not likely to effect substantial change.

So the Physical Expression is inextricably linked to its Information Field. And from an ultimate perspective, it could not be said which creates the other. I.e. “Which comes first…. The chicken or the egg scenario.”


Vector Processes – For the sake of explaining Vector processes, let’s view them from 3 perspectives for the moment.

  • PEV = Physical Expression Vector – Viewed as the causative Vector, whether it’s effecting change in an Information Field or another Physical Expression or both. This view is chosen when the Physical Expression is easier to perceive while the other is harder to realize. I.e. you can see and/or more easily understand an action being taken. In this regard, it is also termed an ACTIVE VECTOR. It may appear that the Physical Expression has more relevant coherence and efficacious quality.
  • IFV = Information Field Vector – Viewed as the causative Vector, whether it’s effecting change in a Physical Expression or another Information Field or both. This view is chosen when the Information Field is easier to understand as having more relevant coherence while the other is harder to realize as you cannot perceive any action being taken. In this regard though, it is also termed a PASSIVE VECTOR because you cannot directly perceive the Information Field either.
  • BOTH = Physical Expression and Information Field – Viewed equally as the causative Vector of change. In this view, a strong coherence is evident in both.

Matter expressing universal principles such as “Sacred Geometry” has high coherence in form and in the Information Field. Human thought and emotion can also be high coherency expressions; particularly when projected towards water. Remember that for the Information Field, like attracts like. So creating high coherency in one attracts high coherency in the other.

An example of how Information Fields work in directing reality flow

If you work with Feng Shui energy in your living space and decide to display and hang art depicting sacred geometry shapes, there will be a correlated Information Field coalesced from your actions. You will have established a high coherency field that will attract other highly coherent fields of similar information to it. And of course, correlated with these “new” fields will be a “new” physical expression that will show up in your experience. Thus, in following the precepts of Feng Shui, you can use it to help attract things that you desire. Becoming fluent in this process helps your co-creations to “Flow” more harmoniously by creating from your conscious mind rather than from your subconscious negative programming.


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