Crystal Light Grid Kit


Crystal Light Grid Kit

The Crystal Light Grid Kit is an accessory kit for Violet Ray Products by Pillar of Light Enterprises.  Further connect your Violet Ray Product with Earth’s natural Crystal Light Grid for enhanced Radionics.

  • 7 – Special cut and Programmed Quartz Crystals for crystal grid planting
  • 1 – bag of crystal light beams
  • Instructions on how to use.


Crystal Light Grid Kit

The extended range Crystal Light Grid Kit increases your own mind and your Violet Ray device’s focussed connection to the Earth’s Global Crystal Light Grid, your local property or any extended range “satellite” area you choose.  Place or plant the special cut crystals and spread the crystal beams out in an area around or surrounding your living space in intuitively chosen and strategic locations. If you choose, spread your crystal light grid planting area out to include significant landmarks in your area; such as mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, etc. You can also custom program them using your Violet Ray device before the planting.


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