Violet Ray Tuner Basic


Violet Ray Tuner Basic Package includes –

  • Violet Ray Tuner and power supply
  • Violet Ray Bulb
  • Mixed Crystal Conductive Wand
  • Wand Cord
  • Uses Manual
  • Extra fuses


Violet Ray Tuner Basic

The Violet Ray Tuner Basic package will get you going with the VIOLET RAY energy and 2 Schumann Resonance frequencies for your Chakras.

  • VIOLET RAY Energy – Inflammation and pain reduction, knock out opportunistic organisms in blood, promote healing, etc.  PEMFT Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy 
  • Heart Chakra Frequency – provides for the Violet Ray, Strongest complete Chakra Resonance.
  • Crown Chakra Frequency – Top of head Christ Consciousness Center tuning for upper Chakras
  • Basic radionic and Posikiation Action


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