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Quantum WoLF Water has Infinite Applications and Uses.

The Best Structured Water is
Quantum WoLF Water.
It’s the ultimate in water structuring.

quantum wolf water of infinity connection of twin vortex living water technology
Quantum WoLF Water Ripples Left

Where Are The Ripples Reaching?

Rethink the Rules with Revolutionary and Rarified Watery Radionics. Repair and Renew a Robust Body, Mind and Spirit. Revitalize with our Remarkable Quantum Structured Water Machine. Roll Back the Years for Rewards of Radiant Health.

Quantum WoLF Water Ripples Right

Typical Applications for Quantum WoLF Water
made by the Water of Life Fountain

  • Simplest Install of the WoLF Kitchen Countertop Model
    for drinking, cooking, plants, animals; for literally all your home’s watering needs. It’s self cleaning with no moving parts. Just wipe it down and it keeps looking good.  And its fascinating to watch too!
  • Entire Home WoLF Install –
    Provides the finest structured water as Quantum WoLF Water throughout your home”s plumbing system. Less time and work are spent getting water to the point of use. There is the added benefit of reduced build up in plumbing, easier on appliances, less soap in laundry, washes clothes better, clean your body without stripping essential oils from your skin, bathe in soft structured water …. and that is great because the skin can absorb Vibrantly Revitalized quantum water rather than de-energized, out of tune, chlorinated and fluoridated water. Plus, your pets and plants will love it too! Cooking and drinks made with quantum WoLF water taste better. Foods keep longer too. Oh yes, our structured water has revitalized natural antioxidant properties that, along with lower surface tension, support cellular processes and communications. Your body absorbs up to 1.5 liters of water through your skin while bathing. Reduce or eliminate the chlorine and Flouride you absorb through your skin. Why not bathe in the highest quality water you can get?
  • Anyone wanting to naturally soften a “hard water” source –
    the WoLF produces water with “Soft Like” properties without the need for any chemicals, water waist, maintenance or expense. Calcium and Magnesium minerals get structured too; they become less sticky and the excess easily gets washed away with few deposits if any. Regulations are impacting traditional water softening systems ever more. The WoLF is an easy replacement for those antiquated systems and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Intentional Design Communities –
    Awesome for supplying quantum structured water to the entire complex or communal kitchens, pools, hot tubs, organic gardens, green houses, etc. Quantum WoLF Water helps stave off biological stress signals of electromagnetic energy, informational pollution, neutralizes toxins, etc. Your extended family deserves the best too.
  • People everywhere caring about their holistic health –
    enough to want to treat it with the best Living Water or Quantum WoLF Water available anywhere.
Quantum WoLF Water Structuring Device - A Twin Vortex Living Water Technology
Drinking healthy water as Quantum Wolf Water from the Water of Life Fountain
Cooking with Quantum WoLF Water as the best healthy water available
Plants and animals love Quantum WoLF Water too
Watch produce grow healthier and faster with Quantum WoLF Water
Softer and more vitalizing water for pools and spas with the Quantum WoLF Water Structuring device


Extended Applications for Quantum WoLF Water

No matter what positive use that you can think of for Quantum WoLF Water, that application will work better because of it. The WoLF’s structured water always receives the highest available energizing and programming.

Quantum WoLF Water is great for hair treatments
  • Hair Salons, Cosmetic Beautiques –
    Softer, Cleaner, Silkier, Shiny Hair and skin
  • Pools, Hot Tubs, Fountains –
    Reduce toxin and chemical sensitivity, reduce biological stressors, pool maintenance easier, etc.
The WoLF makes the best available healthy water for delicious meals. Try Quantum WoLF Water
  • Restaurants, Resorts, Bars –
    All drink and food made with structured water tastes better and improves nutrient absorption. Grocery Produce Sprinklers – actually helps to preserve freshness
Quantum WoLF Water is great for any drinks and cafe.
  • Cafe’s, Coffee and Tea Shops –
    Increases product absorption and improves taste, less deposits in equipment, easier to clean, lasts longer
  • Breweries, Wineries, Juicing –
    Better flavor, process and better for you
Quantum WoLF Water feels better in tubs, spas, pools, etc.
  • Hospital, Clinic, Physical Therapy –
    All healing treatments improved with quantum structured water.
  • Healing Spa, Aquatic Therapy –
    Hydrotherapy for people and pets, Watsu Water Massage, Flotation Tank Treatment, Colonics, etc. Provides more healthful water to be absorbed through the skin. ~ 1.5 liter/bath
Make awesome remedies with coherent Quantum WoLF Water
  • Homeopathic Remedies –
    Ayurvedic, Chinese Herb remedies, healing tinctures – made more efficacious with the WoLF dual vortexed structured water. It becomes potentiated Information Medicine
  • Dentistry, Dental Surgery –
    Support mouth, gum and tooth health and recovery
Quantum WoLF Water is real stress reduction and supports all biological functions
  • Kidney Dialysis – Dialysate water – increase effectiveness of Dialysis, boost biological function
  • Colonics – supportive cleanse and recharging water
  • Medical Grade Water – Improve efficacy of any intended usage
Watch everything grow better and more economically with Quantum WoLF Water
  • Farm Irrigation, Livestock Care –
    Green Houses, Hot Houses, Nurseries, Orchards, Tree Farms, Hydroponics. Less or no need for herbicides, insecticides. Reduce disruption of natural systems and species. Product grows better and faster
  • Stabilize ponds and waterways –
    WoLF Structured water can help return ecosystems to balance
See stress reduction in action as Quantum WoLF Water enlivens aquatic settings
  • Veterinary, Pet Shops, Zoos –
    Aquariums, Animal Shelters, Rehabs and Humane Society. Animals love it
  • Fish Farms, Hatcheries –
    Food Processing Operations – reduce contamination, spoilage, increase food energy, improve flash freeze, less deposits, etc.
Wash cars with even less deposits or water spots with Quantum WoLF Water
  • Car Wash, Cleaning Services –
    Window Washing, construction – everything cleans up better
  • Industries in need of Clean –
    Revitalized Water that produces much less Deposits or corrosion. For water cooling, washing, rinsing, cutting, etc. plus water that ends up as part of final product.  Operations lifetime improved with less maintenance.

Infinite Customized Applications for Quantum WoLF Water

In addition, you can Custom Program Quantum WoLF Water for your very own purposes. The WoLF has a feature that allows you to place your own intentions, feelings and emotions into the quantum water programming as well. It uses a process termed POSIKIATION which rasies your bodies Chi Energy for even more coherent water programming as you hold the conductive wands connected to the WoLF’s charging system.

3 Main Ways the WoLF Programs its Water and That of Your Body

  • The WoLF always provides its own, built-in coherent, positive and life affirming programming.
  • Add and receive custom programming while holding a conductive wand that places YOU in the charging circuit. At the same time that you are adding your intentional programming, you are receiving a positive CHI exchange through the Posikitation process. 
  • Finally, just DRINK the water! You instantly receieve both the built-in and custom programming.

This process uses a type of bio-feedback which ensures that only positive outcomes can result with no chance of negative programming. With this addition to the WoLF’s features, the application possibilities for it are literally infinite; save for the limits of your own imagination.

SPECIAL NOTE: At the leading edge of science, water memory has been proven by many researchers around the globe. (See video at page bottom for one such proof) However, personal programming of water with your own intentions is more difficult to verify with the strictest of scientific methodology. That’s because YOUR perception becomes part of the equation just as it does with quantum physics testing. So at this time, we present personal water programming as being “experimental. We at Pillar of Light know that personal water programming can work. The efficacy of water programming depends upon how well aligned the process is with the ways in which water receives the programming. There is also a great deal of global wide research which purports water’s ability to take on a person’s intentions, emotions, beliefs and prayers. Water is very sensitive to your fluctuating elements of personal consciousness so results may vary. It is best to say that, for now, it is a subjective and personal experience. You may however, experience more powerful and tangible results than this disclaimer may suggest! If you do, let us know about it. Let’s learn about the mysteries of water together.

Other Ways to Program Water With WoLF Attachments –
see examples on down page


  • Copy/paste the information from a template sample into the structured water with the Crystal Plate.
  • Use 3D Virtual Reality viewers and project audio and video into vortex during water structuring.


Send Limitless Entrainment and Healing Messages to Your Body

Based upon the energy and information that is used to coherently program structured water, it may react by changing its properties and behaviors in kind. And because of water’s memory capacity, it can be used as a communication or delivery system. With the WoLF’s custom programming feature, you can program personal intent into the water and then use that special water to deliver all manner of quantum level messages to your body, or someone elses, for informational healing and entrainment.  This is because water is directly using the quantum mechanics properties of the “Information Field.” 

No other water structuring device is as powerfully designed to encode quantum biological and consciousness messages into the water as is the WoLF. The WoLF can also perform a copy/paste of template sample information such as the encoding of information from a healthy biologic serum into water for drinking by an ill subject. Also, audio vibration, images and video can be used to program the water. These programming influences are received and subtly recorded into the water’s memory to be transmitted to those who may use or drink the water. Is your imagination going wild about the possibilities yet? It should be. If it’s not, you don’t yet understand just how powerful and real this ability of structured, Quantum Wolf Water really is.

It’s the beginning of you being able to make your very own INFORMATION MEDICINE

Here are Possibilities and Examples of how
CUSTOM, Quantum WoLF Water Programming
Becomes a Valuable Ally to Your
Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Well Being

Implements for personal Quantum WoLF Water programming as information medicine
Implements for personal Quantum WoLF Water programming as information medicine



Message in a bottle represents Quantum WoLF Water structuring ability to hold memory and energetics as information medicine

Sending Messages to the water in your body

Energize yet relax brain states through stress reduction capacity of Quantum WoLF Water programming
Water vibration image demonstrates coherence in form of Quantum WoLF Water
Coherent Quantum WoLF Water memory creates organized clusters
Violet Ray Energy and Information from the Violet Ray Bulb Attachement
Violet Ray Energy or Violet Flame Energy associated with Saint Germain famous meditation practice
  • MAKE UP YOUR OWN INTENTIONAL, PROGRAMMING STATEMENTS – as they feel proper for you and in alignment with your beliefs and what you resonate to. The words that you think or actually say may not be as important as the feelings and visualizations that you focus upon. Your belief about what is possible may play a large part in the effectiveness of the water programming just as in any of your efforts to be more of a conscious creator of your life flow. The following are our ideas about setting intentional prayers and radionic messages to be programmed into the water. Remember, there are LIMITLESS options on what you can ask the water to do for you. Enjoy.
  • MENTAL HEALING and ENTRAINMENT – Encode your mental intent and brain entrainment message into the quantum water system. When you drink the water, it will be forwarding this message onto the cells of your body.
    Hold the Crystal Wands of the Entrainment Interface while the water is being structured and say and feel, “I Am Relaxed and Receptive to Learning Quickly. I Have All That I Need to Absorb New Information Easily and Without Overwhelm.”
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING and ENTRAINMENT – Encode your feeling intent and brain entrainment message into the WoLF water.
    While water structuring is in process, hold the Wand connected to the WoLF system and deeply feel a state of being or memory that you wish to recall.  Now feel and say out loud, “I Am Deserving and Able to Receive Love, Bliss, Joy and Abundance In My Life NOW.”
  • PHYSICAL HEALING and ENTRAINMENT – Encode a message to all the cells of your physical body or parts as desired.
    Engage yourself with the Entrainment Interface as above and say, “I Release Any and All Informational Imbalance within my holistic body. I Have Received the Beneficial Purpose Message of the Past Condition and I Now Set it Loose. I Attract My Divine Blue Print Matrix Information to Reset any Viral Code That I had Allowed to Corrupt my System. I call in Healthy Resonance into the Field of Love Which I Am. I expand into my Quantum Nature and Allow the Divine Self to Penetrate Through me and This Quantum Water Being Programmed NOW.  I Am Fully Deserving of Miraculous Healing and Release and Give This to Myself Now. I feel Deep Gratitude for My Source Nature That is Life Itself.”
  • SPIRITUAL HEALING and CLARITY ENTRAINMENT – Encode a message for your conscious, unconscious and extended MIND.
    Program the coherent structured WoLF water and say, I Move my Awareness into my Quantum Nature that is my I Am Perception. I Allow, Request and Humbly Pronounce my Readiness and Deserving of my Higher States of Understanding as Enlightenment in Proper Evolution. I Charge This Water for my Body, Emotions, Mind and Spiritual Nature in order to Truly Open. I open with Self Loving and Receive the ONE MIND State of Knowledge, Wisdom and Self Knowing. I see the Water Delivering Pristine Energy and Sparkling Informational Coherence to all the Cells of my Body. I see my Whole Presence Glow in Love, Light and Awakening While Feeling the Deepest Gratitude.”
  • SPECIFIC HEALING EXAMPLE – (The following statement was designed for someone going through kidney failure and receiving dialysis treatments. The illness was also complicated by autoimmune disease symptoms hard to identify but likely, some form of vasculitis. Most western medical doctors do not believe that such disease is caused by bacteria or viral infections. Some medical healers do and they also believe that such illnesses may be caused by common viruses that mutate into more aggressive forms due to Electromagnetic Pollution signals. The WoLF quantum water was energetically charged with a set of 3 frequencies to undo the effects of EM pollution. Also, since kidney’s deal with the cleansing of body fluids and water, we felt that coherently structured and “intention programmed” water would be a particularly effective treatment for her kidney’s. Treatment is still ongoing but the good news is that she handle’s the dialysis treatment better than just about anyone else, her fistula stays in better condition, she keeps her energy higher, is holding her own against an aggressive autoimmune attack that usually would have grim results, and has even been able to reduce her time needed on dialysis. Her doctors are all stumped.)Here is a statement of programming intent we designed for her – “I understand that there is a beneficial purpose and a message to be received by me that comes through the hardship of my current situation. Through the quality of grace and inner listening, I work to discern the relevance of my circumstance. I accept the NOW moment fully but also acknowledge my ability to deeply connect with my “quantum self” awareness and supersede the repetition of this moment into the next. I acknowledge that I am the designer of my own life experience.”  … That part was more for the person to center themselves into divine alignment. And now for the water programming … “I draw forth a cleansing informational code to be set into the water that will clear out any foreign or aberrated code from my original, pristine, divine matrix code of health and wellness for all my being. This cleansing code will wash through me on all levels and release the repetition of ill health and any further need for suffering. Now, I visualize and draw forth a revitalizing code that will rebuild my body and whole being with the most pristine and healthy information. I see it encoded into the water and delivered to my body. The code stimulates my body to rebuild and renew every system to coherent, life affirming conditions. I feel gratitude for water’s ability to deliver this code and resonate my love to the water in every way. For I am the water.”
Crystal Food Plate both receives and transmits programming charge

Using Crystal Food Plate for Copy/Paste of Template Sample

Performed while WoLF is actively structuring water

  • Plug Crystal food and drink charge plate into high volts attachment output
  • Place template sample container  to be copied onto center of plate.
  • Place glass of previously structured water to be programmed next to sample conatiner but not touching.
  • Let the process go for as long as the water structuring takes place.
  • This method will further program the glass of water on the plate and the water flowing through the WoLF.

WoLF is not actively structuring water but is ON for the Crystal Plate

  • You will be using the Center Frequency Control Box Switch only
  • Plug Crystal food and drink charge plate into high volts attachment output
  • Place template sample container  to be copied onto center of plate.
  • Place glass of previously structured water to be programmed next to sample conatiner but not touching.
  • Turn on the center frequency and let the process go for about an hour
  • This method with copy/paste the information from template sample into the glass of water


The crystal food plate can also be used for daily energizing of food and drink.

Virtual Reality used to program Water by shining into Vortex

Programming Water with Virtual Reality Viewer

As shown in this photo, a 3D Virtual Reality viewer can be used to project video or photographic images into a vortex while while water is being structured. In this example, a smart phone gets clamped onto the VR viewer. Select media to project and begin play, You may have to tape over the sensor inside the viewer which detects the presence of your head. Otherwise, the video will not play. Audio can be applied to the vortex with headphones.

If you’re capable and creative, you could make personalized media presentations for the type of water programming that you desire.

One downside of doing this as shown, is that the EM energy from the phone itself will also impinge upong the water being vortexed.  It would be better to keep the phone further away from the vortex with some type of projection.


Programming coherent, structured water with your intent is not limited to entrainment or healing of the body, mind or spirit. It can also include the FLOW OF EVENTS and the REALITY AROUND YOU.

For more on what that means, see our INFORMATION FIELD page.

You may have success in actually changing water’s attributes and behavioral properties. Water may become or behave as a different substance based upon your programming. You are free to experiment!

Were you to create your own Homeopathic Remedies with healing substances AND your own intent programming added to the water, you could potentiate that remedy’s effectiveness in surprising ways.

Here is an example of one of our more “potent” water programming efforts which radically changed the behavior of the water’s reactivity when mixed with oil.  Pillar of Light “Emulsion Experiment.”

OM Water vibration pattern of cellular vortices instigating coherent quantum behavior for water memory


Documentary of 2014 about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier. This video shares some of the first hard science proof of water memory in a surprising way.