Natural Quantum Intelligence Research

Pillar of Light learns about the information field through natural quantum intelligence research that looks into the coherence and properties of intelligence in nature, natural systems and quantum biology. Quantum Physics sciences are confined to calling this organizing principle of all form, the Information Field or “the field.” We have no such constraints and so call it what it really is; natural Intelligence or quantum intelligence .

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Natural Quantum Intelligence Research

Eyes of Intelligence

Here is a somewhat softer description of intelligence.  More particularly, Nature Intelligence.

“In general, intelligence as a dynamic, is above and beyond human traits defined by the sensory system and the human ability to communicate with others. It is a part of all life and one may say that it is the organizing force between the form of that life and its highest level or soul. Note the word “organizing.” Because nature is the order, organization and life vitality of all form. Intelligence is a much broader dynamic than how it has been defined by humans. Their definition is but a drop in the bucket, as you say.” – from the “Perelandra Garden Workbook” by Machaelle Wright 

Intelligence in Nature and Natural Quantum Systems

Meanwhile, our very understanding of nature is undergoing an epochal paradigm revolution. Says anthropologist Jeremy Narby: “Scientists are starting to talk like shamans, and shamans are starting to talk like scientists.” Science has looked at nature as a bunch of objects that do things automatically without intelligence or consciousness. What shamans and indigenous cultures have long been saying is increasingly confirmed in scientific research. – from video with Kenny Ausubel: Imagining Our Way Out of the Unimaginable | Bioneers 2016 

Imagining Our Way
Out of the Unimaginable

Kenny Ausubel – Bioneers 2016