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We look forward to hearing from you!  Your Pillar of Light Support is just a click or call away.

Pillar of Light
Street Address

Pillar of Light Enterprises
2430 W. Ruthrauff Rd.  Suite 110
Tucson, Arizona  85705

Jack Derby – Owner

Jack Derby
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Support and Contact information for Pillar of Light Enterprises
Water of Life Fountain Service and Support

Pillar of Light
Main Contact Information


Pillar of Light
Social Sites Information

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Twitter – WoLF    Twitter – VRCR


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Warranty and Money Back Guarantee


Pillar of Light Enterprises Full Warranty

All Pillar of Light products have a full, 1 YEAR WARRANTY from the date of delivery.

The WoLF Commercial mode may have an Extended Warranty and Service Contract.

Pillar of Light Enterprises Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, Pillar of Light will refund your full purchase price if the instrument and all its implements are returned in ‘like new’ condition within 60 days of delivery date.  Customer pays return shipping fees.


Disclaimer and Safety Warning


  • No representations are made that the VRCR, VR TUNER, WoLF or any other Pillar of Light products are capable of healing in a medical sense. Our instruments are for experimental purposes only.   No guarantee is given as to their effectiveness.


  • Pillar of Light Products SHOULD NOT be used by pregnant women, or on anyone with pacemakers or other bio-implanted electrical devices.  Your body becomes charged with bio-compatible yet High Voltage charge but extremely low power.  This charge may disrupt electronic implant devices such as pacemakers.
  • DO NOT use any electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, ear buds, etc. at the SAME TIME that you are using and electrically connected to any of Pillar of Light’s products such as the VRCR.  Your body becomes charged with energy which may disrupt operation or damage other devices that you are in physical, conductive touch with.