Violet Ray Crystal Resonator – Introduction

Violet Ray Crystal Resonator – VRCR

Above all else,
the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is a stress reduction technology that bolsters and showcases your bodies own, innate wisdom. You are the star of this show.
The VRCR helps to unshackle your own healing potential.

It helps to put YOU back into the driver’s seat of your own holistic health maintenance and that of your clients; if you use the VRCR professionally. This is more important than you might realize.

Learn more on why Stress Reduction is so important.

STRESS is the number one cause of illness and disease. The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator helps to remove biological stressors, inside and out, while balancing your bio-fields and much more.

Your body has an amazing capacity to rejuvenate and heal itself. Remove the stress and let your body do the rest and in the way it’s naturally intended to be.

The VRCR is a bio-tuning, chakra balancing, brain entrainment and energy entrainment tool that also protects you and your living spaces from the unseen dangers of electromagnetic (EM) pollution. Many multifaceted stress reduction modalities, including ones that operate on quantum mechanics principles, are combined into one, powerfully direct, effective and integrated design. It has many modes of operation and can be used in even more creative ways to enhance literally any healing modality.

Crystal Wisdom and Radionics Emulate Nature

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is also the world’s most effective Radionics tool utilizing both ancient and modern crystal technology. Its the most powerful and flexible crystal healing tool you’ll ever find. And, it connects your treatments with the Earth’s natural crystal light grid. Want to program your healing crystals, protect and enhance your crystal healing sessions and more?  The VRCR is the perfect tool to enhance your existing crystal healing practice.  At Pillar of Light, we understand that emulating nature is a balanced and powerful way to increase the effectiveness of our quantum technologies.  Both the VRCR and our water structuring device, the WoLF, were designed with this in mind.

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator
is an Energy and Information Medicine tool that uses –

  • Advanced Nikola Tesla energy, crystal memory and programming, piezo-electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism and Schumann Resonance as bio-compatible frequencies for expanded Chakra balancing and bio-field tuning. 
  • The VRCR utilizes a special “Violet Ray” energy, sacred geometry form, light, sound, Scalar technology and more to access the “quantum information field” of your body; giving you insight and connection to your whole being.
  • The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator balances the Quantum states of your biology as well as physical energy states and performs brain entrainment.
  • Plus, its intuited design helps you tap into expanded states of consciousness such as deeper meditation, coherent mind, more productive dreaming, lucid dreaming, astral projection, remote viewing and enriched awareness of your own source or higher quantum consciousness nature.

The VRCR is at the leading edge of INFORMATION MEDICINE

That’s because the VRCR works holistically with gentle yet powerfully
coherent energy and information; just like nature does.
But don’t be fooled by the appearance of subtlety in regards to Information Medicine.
The VRCR speaks the language of the “information field” or the “field.”
In doing so, it can really pack a wallop on that which stresses your biology and causes dis-ease.

The VRCR interfaces with the physical and quantum nature of biology, the environment and the users own consciousness.
Used as directed, the energies developed by the VRCR are completely bio-compatible and easy to use.


QUICK BITS – Energy Medicine and Information Medicine

The world of biological medicine is very slow to recognize that, instead of just cutting out diseased tissue, one can inject energy towards the effected cells and entrain them back into healthy states. So just as our beliefs can effect cellular function and DNA processes, so too can energy. – Bruce Lipton, PhD.

I noticed an immediate detox effect in me and my kids. 
I can breath much better as I feel clear-headed and have been sleeping well. That really helps since I have two full time jobs; one at work and the other at home. It is getting harder for me to have a negative feeling now and when I sit beside the VRCR with my baby, I often feel overwhelmed with love. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool. Julia

There is a body field and when you get sick the body field goes weak. It’s the energy field that carries the information. So what we’re going to do is put some energy in and we’re going to try to get the bits of information that have got distorted and correct them. All the information you need to heal yourself, you’ve already got. It is there. Particularly the heart field. We need to recover lost information and we need to put source energy in. When you increase the power of the body field you increase the power of your consciousness and it’s not very hard to learn.  – Peter Fraser

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is great for brain entrainment bio-tuning

Top Health Benefits using the
Violet Ray Crystal Resonator

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator knocks out opportunistic organisms in blood stream and provides stress reduction for your holistic health
  • Protection from EM Pollution – vital more than ever
  • Promotes Deep Relaxation
  • 16 Chakra Tuning – recover healthy, refined bio-fields
  • Brain Entrain – healthy mental, emotional patterns
  • Pineal Gland – stimulate healthy function
  • Relieve Pain, reduce Inflammation – internal, external
  • Reduce Biological Stress Signals
  • Release PTSD and Emotional Trauma
  • Accelerate Physical Recovery
  • Knock Out Opportunistic Organisms
  • Holistic Health – thrive not just survive
  • Structure and charge – body water, food, drink
  • Master Violet Flame Meditation
  • Electromagnetic Feng Shui –
    treat any living space
  • Radionics – amplify meditation, prayer, intentions
  • Alternative healing modalities- safeguard and amplify
  • Enhance Sleep, Reduce Apnea- improve dreaming
  • Quantum biological field – connect, more awareness
  • PEMFT – Pulsed EM Field Therapy

Personal and Professional Applications for the
Violet Ray Crystal Resonator

The VRCR is a stress reduction technology that provides for the highest available
balancing, protection, energizing and programming for your radiant health and living environment.

In addition,
the VRCR will increase the effectiveness of ANY healing modality.
Simply run it in the background and allow its natural “earth pulse” EM waves to transform the room and relax you and your client.
Use the VRCR more actively in conjunction with your healing modality.


Violet Ray Crystal Resonator in Mode 1 configuration

Violet Ray Energy Treatments
for personal, family and friends

  • pain reduction
  • reduce inflammation
  • promotes accelerated healing
  • ultimate heart chakra charging
  • knock out opportunistic organisms
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator Stress Reduction and brain entrainment capability is great for building mental focus

Improve Mental, Emotional
and Feeling States

  • holistic energy balance
  • amplify intentions, prayer
  • improve co-creation focus
  • brain-entrain for coherent mind
  • create more peace in your being
Violet Ray Crystal Resonator in Mode 5 configuration

Transmit Healthful Schumann Resonant Energy for Living Space

  • protect against EM pollution
  • EM Feng Shui of living space
  • group attunement for meditation
  • reduce all surrounding stressors
  • balance and tune for personal use
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator energizes and relaxes any living space
  • reduce pain with Violet Ray
  • nullify room of EM pollution
  • quantum biological relaxation
  • customize client treatment plan
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • energize food and drink services 
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is used for Stress Reduction and that's awesome for PTSD Therapy
  • subtle EM relaxation wave
  • release deeper programming
  • multimode treatment all levels
  • speeds up client recovery plan
  • access quantum level relaxation
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator used in Mode 6 can program and charge remedies of all kinds
  • energize and charge any substance
  • make more potent and effective
  • quantum level coherence refined
  • specific target programming
  • nootropic supplements too
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator creates a supportive treatment room atmosphere through Electronic Feng Shui for any healing modality
  • reduce pain with Violet Ray
  • free the room of EM pollution
  • quantum biological relaxation
  • customize client treatment plan
  • relax client with subtle treatment
  • chakra balance for deeper results
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator supports and extends traditional acupuncture with electronic treatment also
  • subtle EM relaxation wave
  • can charge needle of interest
  • amplify for longer lasting results
  • multimode treatment at same time
  • bio-field tune for maximum benefit
Enrich any Reiki Healing treatment with energetic and bio-tuning support from the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator
  • treat room atmospherics
  • protect and amplify your Reiki
  • balance chakra’s 1st for results
  • increase local and remote Reiki
  • crystal radionics maximize Reiki
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator is a master tuner and programmer of crystals and increases effectiveness of Crystal Healing
  • reduce stress in session
  • crystal Radionics is the best
  • program your healing crystals
  • protect crystal healing session
  • align to Earth Crystal Light Grid
  • combine with crystal work for great results
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator provides the ultimate in Chakra Balancing, Chakra Tuning and bio-tuning
  • ultimate chakra balancing
  • bio tuning to natural earth pulse
  • reduce biological stress
  • quantum level alignment too
  • enable body self healing
  • 6 basic modes many applications
The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator provides a deeply relaxing atmosphere important to sound healing
  • Violet Ray quantum tuning
  • Schumann Pulse stress reduction
  • tune your EM biofields cells in receptive growth mode
  • works beyond but in conjunction with any sound healing tuning scale or modality
Enhance any group meeting energy with a Violet Ray Crystal Resonator cleansing the rooms EM fields
  • group runs smoother
  • atmosphere uplifted
  • stress reduction for all
  • more coherent thought
  • increased peacefulness
  • enhance group intentions
Any centering art, including the Violet Flame meditation is deeply enhanced with the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator
  • for personal or group
  • more powerful results
  • enhance peace and visioning
  • boost your co-creative efforts
  • program intentions and prayer
  • 24/7 programmed transmission
  • align to oneness understanding
Your business environments will relax and thrive with a Violet Ray Crystal Resonator enhancing the atmosphere
  • transparent to occupants
  • improves mood and energy
  • can run in background 24/7
  • protection from EM pollution
  • natural earth wave relaxation
  • make ANY space more attractive

and finally,





Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapies – PEMFT

PEMFT devices are beginning to find many uses in traditional, western medical settings. Most of these technologies are focused solely upon creating various frequencies of PEMF. Some tech also uses Schumann Resonance plus other tuning modalities as well. And they do enjoy surprising success even whilst the standard medical establishment remains cautious and protective of AMA, FDA and big pharma profit schemes. While there are few regulations on Energy Medicine devices, very few devices actually receive FDA approval.

In comparison, the VRCR does so much more than just generate PEMF.

Yes, the VRCR does create 16 different PEMF carrier frequencies.  But it also combines them with Violet Ray and other quantum field energy generated by our proprietary AMT Coil. Crystal technology, light, magnetics, piezoelectric and quantum field energy and information are also part of the VRCR design. It’s holistic function becomes greater than the mere sum of its parts. That’s why the VRCR is so versatile and can be used in so many ways.

 So the VRCR breaks free and goes beyond their limitations.

Below is a short list of uses and benefits for standard PEMFT devices today.
Just imagine what the VRCR can do for you.

  • Animal Behavior Studies, Alzheimer’s, Anti-Aging, Arthritis, Athletic Performance Enhancement, Autism, Bone and Connective Tissue, Cancer, Depression, EMF Protection
  • Epilepsy, Endometriosis, Entrainment – Schumann and Psycho-biology, Eyes – Glaucoma – Optic Nerve, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Insomnia, Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, Nerve Regeneration / Spinal Cord Injury
  • Neuropathy, Osteoporosis, Pain, Parkinson’s, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Stroke, Thyroid, Tinnitus, Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Traumatic Brain Injury, Coma, Wounds