Violet Ray Energy Man DNA

Violet Ray Energy

 The Violet Ray attracts Quantum Information Field blueprints that provide a physical, quantum and spiritual reset and boost. In essence, it tunes you back into the pristine, Etheric source coding of humanity.

Violet Ray Energy Man emitting source blueprint coding

Violet Ray Energy – Greatest Strength Occurs at the
Heart Center or 7th Chakra Setting of the VRCR

The Violet Ray is also called the “Violet Flame” and Saint Germain is its Proctor.
The Ascended Masters and the Theosophical Society often speak of the Violet Ray

Main Focus of the Violet Ray Energy


The Violet Ray, taps into humanities etheric blueprints.

According to the higher wisdom of Jack Derby and that which he received from esoteric sources such as Saint Germain and Nikola Tesla, the Violet Ray quantum field is the original energy and animating source information code of humanity. Like each of our DNA genes that can be expressed 30,000 different ways, these quantum codes can be expressed or programmed to be out-pictured in many different ways as well. The Violet Ray energy in particular, catalyzes the VRCR’s access to quantum information programming. The Violet Ray is coupled with the energy attraction of the scalar antenna, the memory capacity of quartz crystals and their piezoelectric properties, and the rest of the device in its holistic connection. With all of this happening in divine balance, the VRCR becomes the world’s most coherent and potent Radionics device.

The RAYS as Energy, Frequencies and Field Information
Beyond the Chakra Carrier Waves

For clarity sake, we wish to impress upon you that the Violet, Golden and Elemental Rays ARE NOT the same as the Chakra Center carrier waves. The attributes given to each Chakra Center are not directly equated to the attributes of the RAYS themselves.  Plus, the RAY frequencies are orders of magnitude higher than the Chakra Schumann Carrier waves.  They ride upon the carrier waves.  And finally, the energy amplitude of the RAYS are very small and more relavent to the realms of Quantum Mechanics and can exist as a field or data flow of information that can operate beyond space/time constraints of standard physics rules.
So when considering what’s happening with each VRCR Chakra setting, there are balancing influences from the Chakra Carrier waves themselves and expanded, quantum level influences from the RAY energies that ride upon them. In the realm of quantum mechanics, “Like Attracts Like” is the rule as it is with matters of consciousness and how thoughts flow and create or draw reality experiences.


The subtle, quantum energies produced within the VRCR were described with a more esoteric tone in the early years of its design as:

  • Violet Ray – promotes Christ Consciousness – manifests visibly as Violet Light in Violet Ray Bulb

  • Golden Ray – promotes Soul Awareness – inner sight reveals a Golden Glow around Crystal Wand

  • Elemental Ray – increase awareness of the Elemental Kingdom and how are thoughts become things

  • Double Foldback Violet Ray – deepens the Human Collective and Cosmic Consciousness


They are all present at every chakra setting of the VRCR but each may be more pronounced at a specific frequency. Consider these special energies then, as a holistic combination of subtle, quantum energy and information fields.

They are subtle, lower energy, super high frequency waves that are superimposed upon the lower frequency, Schumann carrier waves. Due to the AMT Coils unique construction, plus the coil interactions with inspired circuitry design … and a holistic feedback regulation system, these harmonic quantum waves are also generated.
One exception to the subtle nature of these quantum waves is the obviously more powerful Violet Ray energy as it is manifested by the VRCR.


In combination with the heart center, Schumann carrier frequency and other lower settings, the Violet Ray energy can be clearly felt and even seen, as it manifests into the Violet Light inside the Violet Ray Bulb attachment. These subtle energies are a mixture of standard physics energy, quantum energy and information fields.


Prior to the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator, the concept of the VIOLET RAY was just that; a concept. It was thought to be a real yet sublte energy generated by a person’s beliefs and visioning; as in the Violet Flame meditation exercize. Perhaps some thought of it as a real electromagnetic energy developed in a person’s brain and heart.  Beyond that, no tangible source of the Violet Ray could be found in everyday life.


For the first time ever, the Violet Ray became expressed as a tangible and physical world energy as well as being quantum field information. It’s produced by an advanced Tesla based design within the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator that can assist a person on many levels and in numerous ways.

VRCR – More Than a Short Cut Violet Flame Tool

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 Double Fold-Back Violet Ray

With the addition of the Amethyst, Conductive Wand attachment to the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator, the availability of the Double Fold-Back Violet Ray came into being. Creating, or rather tapping into this energy enables the VRCR user, to more consciously intermix with and effect a Myriad of converging energies. The user can “connect” themselves more consciously with the ONENESS energy and information of an ever changing cosmos.

The Amethyst, Conductive Crystal Wand adds Cosmic Consciousness attributes onto the Violet Ray Energy of the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator for increased ability to uplift humanity.

Jack was given this information on a deep journey.
It’s impossible to put into words accurately but we will paraphrase –

Many of the worlds religions, faiths and perspectives talk about the connection or oneness of all things. Now, advanced science is finding its proof that this is true as many mystics have known all along. Born from Quantum Mechanics came Super String Theory, which is re-writing much of what science has presumed to be truth. It is showing that there are vibrational connections across the universe from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic perspectives. String theory strongly suggests that 10 dimensions are needed to create a balanced and all inclusive mathamatical description of the universe. We, our bodies and everything about us is made from the stuff of the universe. It follows then that we are multi-dimensional beings (at least 10 of them) and that there is the possibility of increasing our awareness and reaching out into the universe to learn its secrets. Why not? We are the universe. The phrase “Know thyself” becomes the way out which is also the way in.

So it was told to Jack that the Amethyst Wand assists our own awareness to tap into this expanded sense of self which we already are. Our awareness pushes out into the universe on these vibrational strands of connection called “Strings” and “Brains.” This awareness connection returns to us. Jack pictured this awareness transmission of self through the universe as an unending loop. Thus, he coined the energy created by the addition of the Amethyst Wand to be the “Fold back” or the “Doubling” back of the Violet Ray Christ Awareness. The awareness returns with and expands into Cosmic Awareness. The Amethyst Wand is used to add to the Violet Ray Energy(Christ Consciousness) an enlivened dose of Cosmic consciousness for certain healing processes. The normal Mixed Crystal Wand is more effective for the grounded physical nature.