Violet Ray Tuner – VR Tuner

The Violet Ray Tuner is our more economical stress reduction tool for your radiant holistic health.

It has now been revealed that stress is the primary mechanism that opens your body up to the effects of and changing of its functions by exposure to electromagnetic fields. – Bruce Lipton PhD – The New Biology. Where Mind and Matter meet.

The Violet Ray Tuner is Pillar of Light’s more economical model providing stress reduction through the Violet Ray energy, bio-field tuning and chakra balancing. The VR Tuner uses some the same technology as the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator (VRCR) minus the crystals of course and the 16 chakra frequency tuning capacity.  The Violet Ray Tuner comes with two basic chakra tuning frequency settings from which you can still perform a rudimentary whole body field tuning and many other supportive bio-field treatments. The VR Tuner still uses the advanced, modified crystal Tesla coil design with Schumann Resonance tuning. So the Violet Ray energy calibrated to the EM pulse of the heart center frequency is still available for use with the attachments.


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Chakra Balancing and Tuning for your Radiant Holistic Health, Stress Reduction and Higher Consciousness.


The Violet Ray Tuner is our base model Radionics Machine & Holistic Health Care attunement device that helps pull our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature into a healthful resonance through Stress Reduction processes.


All biological systems evolved within Earth’s natural Electromagnetic Field called the “Schumann Pulse.” The dominant frequency of this set is 7.83 cycles per second or Hertz and its wavelength is the circumference of the Earth. Our bio-rhythms are linked to this ELF(Extremely Low Frequency) pulse and it is stated that 30% of the cells in our Pineal Gland are attuned to it as well. Thus, astronauts will become ill without it as this pulse is lacking in space and so Schumann Pulse Generators are installed in their craft. This Schumann Pulse is very important to our biology and yet it is millions of times weaker than the man made Electromagnetic Pollution signals of our modern era. Thus, our biology is easily pulled out of balance; inviting stress and disease into our lives. Electro Magnetic Pollution is an invisible danger that is going unnoticed by allopathic medicine and society in general and may be the cause of many drastic increases in illness such as Autism.

Another varying EM influence to our homeostasis is Geomagnetic Waves.

All forms of pollution, especially those that effect our bodies water, are real threats.

Yet the strongest negative influence to our Chakras healthful resonance is our beliefs and perceptions which determine our mental and emotional patterning. And again, having healthy Chakra Resonance will help stabalize and calm your moods and mind.
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ALL our devices produce healthful EM frequencies that are direct octaves
of or harmonics of the natural Schumann Pulse of the planet Earth.

ALL of our devices ALSO produce a very special energy called the