What Is Water Structuring?

WoLF Water Structuring is an advanced quantum process way beyond filtering. Simply put –

Water structuring energizes water while erasing its polluted memory and reprogramming it. Known processes emulating nature change how the water molecules cluster together. Coherent energy, information and quantum vectors powerfully impact water’s properties and behavior. It is a radical breakthrough in creating truly healthy water. Water can become Information Medicine.

The old idea of materials science was that the chemical composition of water was the most important aspect. Now we know it is the structure of water that is the most important aspect. –  Dr. Rustum Roy, Materials Scientist

Until now,
you’ve probably heard next to nothing about water structuring.
So it’s about time you do.

The water you drink everyday is more influential to your health than previously realized.
Science reveals a myriad of properties about water that are powerfully linked to biological processes of your body.
It’s revealed that water filtering alone still leaves behind an informational memory of chemical pollutants.

Water has memory and can hold vast energy.

This alone should raise your eyebrows.
If not, you have yet to realize the astounding
nature of water and what it means to you personally.


Water structuring changes how
water molecules are organized

Water Memory – Luc Montagnier

Water molecules are among the smallest. We can see how water molecules join together as groups. These are called Clusters. Scientists found that these Clusters work as memory cells of a certain sort in which water records its whole history of its relationship with the world; as if on magnetic tape. Water of course remains water. But its structure, like a nervous system, reacts to any irritation. Modern instruments have made it possible to record the fact that, within each of waters memory cells, there are 440,000 Information Panels. Each of which is responsible for its own type of interaction with the environment. If you consider a Water Cluster as a group of specific molecules, then it can survive only a short amount of time. But if you consider it as a structure whereby molecules can leave and other molecules come in, the Water Cluster can last effectively for a very long time.
– from the “Water-The Great Mystery” movie.

The idea that water has a memory changes our whole way of looking at the world.
Thus the world’s oceans will no longer be something that separates us. Instead, it’s a giant storehouse of information. And the rain could be a data medium carrying information to the rest of the world.

Water. The Great Mystery

Water Has Memory

What Is structured water, water structuring and
when is it a positive, life affirming structure?

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WoLF perform Water Structuring

Water can be structured and charged either positively or less so, by all forms of energy and information. There is nothing more sensitive to this programming process then water itself. Remember this, because you are made up of 99% water molecules!

  • Negative Programming of Water – cluster structure happens by polluting influences that destabilize the water, lower its level of energetics and corrupts water memory.
  • Positive Programming of Water – creates coherent structure that stabilizes and makes the water’s energetics more active. Water is free of polluting information and is charged with vital life affirming, encoded memory.

Since just about everything can have an affect on water, then in some way, everything is structuring the water as well. Water is the only substance found to be sensitive to the entire frequency band of energy. It has been found that human intent and emotion have the strongest effect upon water structuring. Positive emotions projected toward water increases the waters energy and stabilizes the water. When water is energized and stable, it is in a Life Affirming structure. Negative emotions projected towards water reduce the waters energy and creates radical changes in the water. Keep that in mind because your body can structure its water with your mental and emotional patterning. Your body naturally structures it’s water according to cellular needs. A few ways it does this is through Colloidal processes, natural EM field influence and channeling singular water molecules through portals in the membrane of the cell called Aquaporin. Keep your body, thoughts and beliefs healthy and your bodies water structures will be healthier too. It is estimated that your body produces roughly 36 different kinds of body fluids containing water to meet it’s needs.

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