Quantum Technology Made to Eliminate Stress
Enhance Your Holistic Health

Learn about hidden and unkown but significant dangers to your holistic health.
Explore our quantum technology designed to eliminate stress for vibrant living.

Healthy Water is Structured Water and Quantum WoLF Water for your highest Holistic Health Maintenance

Drinking Quantum WoLF Water

Take Charge of Your Holistic Health

You DO have choices and an innate ability to eliminate stress.

Pillar of Light can help –


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Increased Meditation Ability

Quantum water structuring and healthy water programming
by WoLF

Holistic Health –

Considers factors affecting body, mind, emotion and spirit. Our quantum stress reduction technology takes a balanced approach.

Health energy entrainment and quantum information programming

Progressive holistic health organizations seek the power of integration.

Sadly, most hospitals, clinics, health plans, pharmaceutical companies and doctors still specialize to such a degree, as to make workable, integrated and affordable holistic health solutions next to impossible. You’ve probably experienced just how frustrating and stressful this can be. Add that fact to their poor track record on health maintenance and disease prevention and you begin to see why more people are choosing alterntive modalities such as Pillar of Light’s stress reduction products that bolster holistic health and eliminate stress.

Holism – The Power of the Whole is Greater Than the Mere Sum of its Parts

Today’s science recognizes that BELIEF and STRESS have a MAJOR IMPACT upon our holistic health and quality of life. A person’s belief or perception of reality is so powerful, it is said that the “Placebo Effect” accounts for up to Two-Thirds of all successful medical interventions. And the opposite “Nocebo Effect” upon belief can generate disease and even death. Belief then, can create either wellness or dis-ease. YOU can be in charge of your beliefs and thus, in charge of your holistic health and wellness.


There are unseen yet serious environmental stressors that
can add to your own “stress and illness-generating” beliefs.

We are also experts on environmental stressors such as
Electromagnetic Pollution and how to neutralize it.

Our quantum technology can eliminate stress by helping to clear your negative beliefs causing internal stress. Plus, it tackles real world external signals as well.

So your stress is due to many varied sources of disturbed information signals that upset the healthy energetic and informational flow within your biology. This onslaught of stress IS the cause of illness and disease.
Together, we can set things right and improve your holistic health outlook.

“Pillar of Light is here to help you eliminate stress and reverse unhealthy states. You can maintain good health with Energy Entrainment and Information Medicine technology. The future is now.”
– Jack Derby – CEO Pillar of Light Enterprises

Jack Derby Pillar of Light Enterprises

“Informational Medicine – Medicine that takes information and changes disturbed information. That is the future of medicine.” – Lynne McTaggart – Author of “Intention Experiment”

Water Structuring, Energy Entrainment, Tuning, Balancing
and Restoration Devices Provide Information Medicine

Our quantum devices directly support – your bodies own, innate wisdom to eliminate stress and stave off health threats. We use natural, life affirming methods which help pull your body, mind, emotions and spirit back into tuned and balanced states of harmonious resonance.

We have created two of the most powerful and natural ways of supporting your body’s health with Information Medicine Devices

  • ENERGY ENTRAINMENT – This uses energetic, frequency entrainment to reset your bodies bio-resonant electromagnetic fields back into alignment with planet Earth’s evolutionary pulse. Where man made EM pollution signals have pulled your bio-system out of healthy and natural resonance, our Pillar of Light quantum technology can eliminate stress and put you back into the driver seat.
  • DRINK STRUCTURED WATER – This is to provide you with energetically charged and balanced water that also supplies coherent and vital life code information – assisting your biology to be its best. This is provided in part by our proprietary VIOLET RAY technology. And did you know that we are 99% water molecules? This is so powerful, it is now being shared that coherent and quantum programmed, structured water is the very future of information medicine.

Our Devices Promote Radiant Holistic Health Using –

WoLF creates healthy water for your holistic health

Structured Water – Energized, Pristine Watery Memory
Quantum Water Information Medicine Programming
Charging and Revitalizing of our food and drink
Electromagnetic Feng Shui for Living Spaces
Protection from Electromagnetic Pollution
Schumann Resonance and Tesla Energy
EM – Field Reiki Healing Enhancement
Electromagnetic Biofield Balancing
Electro-Magnetic Acupuncture
Piezo-Electric Posi-ki-ation
Crystal Healing Therapy
Violet Ray Meditation
Energy Entrainment
Brain Entraining
Chakra Tuning

VRCR Crystals Back

Structured Water – Quantum Water
Drinking Vitalized, Healthy Water Takes Your Holistic Health to New Levels

Our premier water structuring device gives your holistic health care a needed boost by restoring damaged water into revitalized and naturally pristine QUANTUM WATER.  Only the WoLF provides the ultimate in healthy water available to you today.


a Twin Vortex Living Water Technology

  • Dual vortex Quantum Water structuring  with Schumann Resonance and Violet Ray technology. Water filter, water purification system – revitalizing damaged water and more – all in one, easy to use unit.
  • Pristine Crystalline Water – with revitalized life force energy, antioxidant properties that support radiant health while increasing your Prana and Reiki Healing potential.
  • Clears out old polluted memories – and programs new and vital coherent information back in. Custom water programming, Change water memory – change behavior.  Tastes/grows better. Soft Water properties
  • Quantum Mechanic principles – foundation for water memory – works with the Information Field – known to material scientists, quantum physicists, quantum biology experts and epigenetic researchers studying signal transduction processes.

Eliminate Stress and Pain

Your body is linked to and depends upon an electromagnetic field that is a very subtle, constant and natural Earth pulse called the SCHUMANN RESONANCE.

The VRCR provides protection from man made EM pollution while tuning and balancing the body’s organic EM fields.


Electromagnetic Protection,
Balancing and Tuning

  • Radionics and holistic healing – device performs Energy Entrainment and Chakra Balancing i.e. tunes your body’s electromagnetic centers.
  • Stimulates Pineal Gland – structures and charges the body’s water – increasing healthy biological functions; especially cellular communication and information exchange processes.
  • Eliminate stress and pain – while promoting healing on ALL levels using leading edge quantum physics and metaphysics design.
  • Protection from electromagnetic pollution – and energetic Feng Shui healing, Sleep Apnea treatment, brain entrainment for subconscious pattern clearing – assisting your intention work.
  • Amplifies intentions and prayer, meditation, awareness, clarity of mind, inner peace, connection to source consciousness, world peace, designed interface with the Earth’s Crystal Light Grid.
  • Advanced Modified Tesla Design, Violet Ray Energy.


It’s Much More Than Just Using the Power of Belief to Eliminate Stress

Endless marketing of health related warnings such as diets, supplements, products, strategies, books, videos, and more, compete for our attention everyday.  And that’s good, really.  We need all the help we can get to counter the many threats to our holistic health.  But so often it is that there is an over abundance of the same, worn out messages that prey upon our fears and seek to bank on the holistic health cash cow.

Meanwhile … there are more serious threats to our holistic health that go unreported.

These harder to detect, hidden forces –  are very real causes of increased disease and sickness throughout society and nature. It’s not that we want you to be afraid of new threats. Being afraid would just increase your stress and we don’t want that. Rather, we want you to be educated to what has actually been going on for quite some time and is now getting even more pronounced.

You have options and there are solutions to these health threats!
What we’re talking about is all manner of insufficiently regulated chemical and organic pollution in water, air and food. Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and even “Informational” poisoning of our food and water happens also. On top of that, society’s mad rush towards technology is paying little attention to the increased electromagnetic pollution as a result. There is overwhelming proof that EM pollution is a real health threat to society but its being ignored due to corporate greed.


GMO Dna Manipulation

As lyrics from a Huey Lewis song go,

“You like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah.”

The problem is, you’re not.

EM Pollution Radiation Cell Phone

THE GOOD NEWS IS – when your body is in a lowered stress state, it has an astonishing capacity to self heal and rejuvenate!

For instance, did you know that,

  • Built right into our biology, are several backup systems that reverse and self heal from cancer? Few people know this. It’s not in the business plan of pharmaceutical drug companies and hospitals to actually heal people of cancer.
  • When we are overly stressed with a slew of negative environmental signals, thoughts and emotions – we become increasingly vulnerable to disease and illness.
  • Two thirds of all medical interventions actually work because of the Placebo Effect – This is according to some of today’s leading medical experts. And some interventions don’t work at all because of the opposite Nocebo Effect. Read this link to see just how powerful the Nocebo Effect can be.

So the goal to eliminate stress and refine our beliefs play very important roles in overcoming these unseen, environmental stressors.

However, much of our societies patterns of behavior create LOTS OF STRESS. It’s obvious that many of us don’t know how to live stress free lives in today’s environment. So, to find more ways of reducing stress, check out our Stress Reduction Technology page.

It never hurts to have helpful, stress reduction tools for your holistic health; and that’s where our Pillar of Light quantum technology comes in.

We’re here to assist you!


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