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You have arrived at our store! And have you already done your research? We understand that making a significant purchase of our high-end stress reduction technology may require due diligence so that you feel secure and well informed about your purchase. Everyone would like to have the best – but few are willing to make that investment for alternative health solutions and their long term holistic health. If you’re not sure that you are able, we may have some payment options to help you out. Contact us for more.

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  • VIOLET RAY – VR Tuner, VR Tuner Kit, VRCR – for PEMF Therapy, Chakra Balancing, EM Pollution Protection, Radionics, Electronic Feng Shui and more …

  • WOLF – Counter Top, Whole Home model and Industrial – for World Class Quantum WoLF Water Structuring beyond water filtration or any other form of water treatment

  • ACCESSORIES – Violet Ray products and WoLF products – accessories, attachments and replacement parts

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